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Sunny Days Help

Feb 28, 2009 - 0 comments

I noticed that when it's sunny out I feel somewhat better in mood.Sleep was broken last night but I must of gotten around 7 hours. Ear ringing levels are mediumwhile my pain levels are around medium as well. Played some Tiger Woods Golf on the computer and did pretty good but noticed some irritatbility while playing it. Trying to figure out if some of my lonliness is associated with boredom. AM tomorrow need to start hard copy tracker for therapist. Will write more later******************************************************************************************************************
Thanks Penelope for giving me tips on how this business works!! Played some more computer golf this afternoon. Kinda keeps me busy enough so I'm not stuck in my world so much....gets me out of myself. Watched a DVD too. Did not go outside today but not all that bothered by it because of the cold. Well, 10:30 at night. Gotta hit the hay.

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