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Jan 23, 2013 - 0 comments

hey medhelp hey.  howsit goin?

oh my sort of tired  how are YOO?

wow theres been a lot of activitee on the board.  sometimes all that flurry makes me feel shy.  so much ppl haves such good things to say im just ... oh gosh

i forgot to set my alarm last nite.  oh yay!  this another thing about being single yah?  nobody wake your a$$ up if you late.  oh well, so it go.  i mean.  i usalee set my cell too as a back up.  turn out i was so durn busy i dint set nothing.  i guess i was .. well, idk.  i shore dk if i want to say what i was doin ... sheesh.  um.  also i was busy like jumping on the bed to make the bed springs squeak.  yah.  and like, every time they squeak i burst out laughing and giggling i know i am so dumb.  it just make me laugh and laugh.  its the best joke.  and it make me happy.  so i keeps doin it.  ha ha

i drove past ohmigrill today.  i laughed at that too.  i know i am so foofy!  i embarrass myself.  but its fukkin funny, man!!! to me

hm um ... so like this i just gots up so late but i was only fifteen late and my students had ony been there a few minutes.  it was aite.  i never late.  and ... class was ok.  just ok.  ok.  charlotty was self professedly 'out of it' she aint slept i think cuz a _her_ anti christ, the anti christ 2 or whatever, and um ... idk maybe he more like jason.  or freddy krueger. or hitler.  idk.  but ah ... she was half tripping and she kinda freaks out when she like that ... but its ok with me.  and wednesdays we do this news activity both classes they have to find a story on the net or soemthing that interests them and ... they tell it to us and say their opinion and they posed to have a question for the class?  yeah like that.  so one of my students, the coolest one who is leaving turns out, he is the indian kid who is like, almost acculturated and really doesnt need esl skule, but he still has a accent its a little dope, and he had this story on technology and etc.  he finished it and charlotte say 'did you form a question for the class' and he say 'well i have a question for my teacher, Miss Meegan ...' and the kids all know i am connected like a umbilical cord to my cell and my laptop ... i guess its obvious ... he say 'what would you do if you could no longer use your laptop and cell fone or any technology'  and Ariella my old student is looking intently at me and i made a slicing motion at my wrists and without hesitation , "I would kill myself."   they all laugh, Ariella is laughing hysterically

Charlotte, who won't use air conditioning ever cuz of chlorofluocarbons, just snickered.  minx.

guess what im lissnin to.  guap

so's i was late, cuz i tutored Hoshiro, who confessed to me that his host family brother refers to Hoshiro's cell fone as his girlfriend (ha!  i knew it!  poor guy), and then after some chick came in the SECOND walk in in two days when im trying to leave i have to tour her the skule (takes one second) and give her info etc yadda etc yadda

yeah, soon as i get home the first thing i do is cell google the ellay sunset time today :  5:19 pm but i gets home at ten to five so i cant go running, cant go out to nature so i think ... my friend told me Meegy dont walk down such and so street at dark ... but he aint say dont walk back up the same street ay?  so i took this route in the fading light down the bad street while it still light.  and i got some energy and was totally booking down the street felt good and happy and free and nice ... i said ooh Meegy you squeezing that last pretty bit a purple light out the sky, like the sky is a umbrella keeping the rain slipping down the sides and the sky is letting the last bits of light down the sides and its dripping down oooh so pretty just like jacaranda ... nice nice

then it get dark but by then im walking on the main street with all the cars and headlights its ok ony got a little tiny bit skeer when i got close to home cuz i membered this bad memory i had some teenager at me when i was down low on my taper the first first time i try to get clean summer 2011 and that was a bad day it was right here front of the church its like ptsd its just a flashback and i was so dum that day ooh lor lucky too

and then ... well, i was walkin past the fake hospital and all the fast food places i swer to God it smelled like a libary!!! im all Meegy u straight trippin girl but yah it really did like rilly rilly and it did not even smell rank and like trash like my hood usually smell and i didnt smell nothin but a libary with all dusty musty books mmmm and ony a little bit of french fries from the in and out

i felt lucky to be walking in all this beauty

got home did my weights i have so much definition in my arms i could rite a dictionary!  and i should for all these foofy words i make up yay?

oh and went to a meeting wimmins meeting oh my! and i share!!!! yes sir i did!  my fren jasmine help me yes the fast talker from the anti convention oh yay.  it was ok sum ppl said weird s**t to me after but a lot of girls were like hush oh meegy thats hard baby when i share and that felt well it felt good

yup yup

oh so afters in the parking lot this chickadee came up to me oh .... i seen her a lot before she slender and like dark beauty in the way of old movie stars she real pretty she look real classy.  she have kids with her all the time name Daizee.  she look so sophisticated but oh my eye b you think my language is bad this girl open her mouth like she just rinse out her mouth with sewer water oh my!   she start saying things 'i appreciate your language because you have morale" she meant character or morals i think, like i did not swear and call ppl bad names cuz i was talking a little about the anti christ and his goings on but the reason i was keepin it clean was her kids there!!  little babies!  one of her babies was a girl like six and she had these big eyes and i prayed to god this girl dont ever come to the rooms of her own accord when i looked into her eyes she looked so forlorn and wise i got scared for her

and daizee start talkin and talkin to me oh gosh this girl was in some pain and i began to feel less bad for myself and worse for her thas alway one a the good things ennay does take you out ur own stuff yay?  yay.  and so i just listen to this girl she hug me .. tell me stay strong thanks for your share and i just thought wow ... that was not what i thought that lady would sound like.

then Meegy just come home.  here i am in this yucky home.  my stepson here and that make it double bad cuz its just hard to splain but it is.  idk.

im ok.  thats the thing, im ok.  today i did not have the desire to use!!!! yeah baby!

im lissnin to rhianna cakecakecakecakecakecake  

why is wimmins anatomy all about candy and cookies and cake that is just weird

and you know im a lot of kinky things but one thing i have never been is a voyeur.

but i would enjoy seeing chris brown and rhianna doing the nasty.  i think.  naw, i dont think im pretty dam sure.

goodnite medhelp



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