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4 days late brown discharge HELP!!!!!

Jan 24, 2013 - 0 comments



4 days late


Pregnancy test





Havent been on here in awhile. So ive heard and read that each pregnancy is different. Well back in october 2011 i experienced implantation bleeding..well today im 4 days late for AF , ive been so moody,a little hungrier than normal well i think so. But most definetly moody. I have been experiencing some nausea not alot. But today i went to the restroom and noticed a little bit of brown discharge (sorry for details but i need help because ive googled amd im hoping someone here can help me better understand) but like i said im 4 days late then i notice a little brown but when i wiped there was nothing no pink no red. And the last time id experienced implantion bleeding i had been spotting pink but this time its brown. We have been TTC now for a year. Im really hoping this is a good sign...if anyone knows what might be goin on please let me know.ive taken two hpme pregnancy test and they came up negative and im thinkin it may be to early to detect. Do yall think its a posssibility or have had this happen to yall????

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