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My little boy is THREE!

Jan 24, 2013 - 0 comments

It really does not seem like three years have flown by already and my "baby" boy, Greydon, is going to have a birthday this weekend. Three years old! And you know what? I swear this boy is three going on 23, lol. Each new day brings something new out of his blossoming, intelligent personality.
He is so smart...and SO mischievous! And a spitfire of a little thing! He is so independent and so funny. He has this giggle that never fails to light up any situation, even when he should be in trouble for some prank he's successfully pulled off. Oh yes, this boy is a handful and a half of wit and daredevil combined. He keeps Daddy and me on our toes, that's for sure! Greydon is the kind of kid that, when all gets quiet and he is not in sight, you don't need to worry that he's eating something he shouldn't or drawing on the walls or attempting an escape, no--you should probably worry that he's figured out how to take something apart and will rebuild it into some sort of booby trap, lol.
Oh my goodness, this boy--he is a ray of sunshine in our lives, packed into the form of a firecracker. That impish smile, mischievous giggle, those cherub-like bleach-blonde curls, and those puppydog brown eyes--he can light up a room and have anyone wrapped around those little fingers in a heartbeat. He is so sweet and affectionate and has this way of wrapping himself around you when he snuggles up, and that's how he wound up with the nickname "Koala Bear."
But don't be fooled, as the general image that comes to mind with koalas are cute, snuggly, laid-back little critters, right? Ah, but they are known to have quite a temper, especially if they don't eat enough eucalyptus is what I've heard, which keeps them kind of sedated. There is this picture that can be found with a google image search of "wet koala."
Yeah...without a doubt, Greydon can be the wet koala. He has got a fiery little temper that has gotten us a few meetings with his school teachers and daycare providers on occasion. Whenever this little temper ignites, which is usually first thing in the morning upon waking up (he is most definitely NOT a morning person, lol) or when he believes with every ounce of his being that he should be able to do something by his independent, willful little self with no interferences--we say the "wet koala" comes out, lol. I will admit, the "wet koala" has been a challenge to tame this year, but he is making wonderful progress and I am SO proud of him! He is maturing and gaining such a wonderful sense of self control with each passing week.
I love everything about who he is and who he is becoming. I love how he has a complete obsession with trains and the Thomas the Train characters, I love how he loves music and will sometimes sing along to songs in the car with me or hears a tune and starts busting out the moves and dancing, I love how he talks in a thick southern twang (which is funny because our immediate family either has no southern accent or a hardly noticeable one) and says certain words, and I love how his favorite color is red and how that color matches everything about who he is.
But what makes my heart swell most with him is just how much he reminds me in SO many ways of my mom, from the wavy hair (my husband and I have completely straight hair; Greydon has hair that looks JUST like my mom's) to talking in his sleep, and that strong will and radiant spitfire personality. There is so much of her in him, even my husband regularly says things like, "That's all Grandma Laurie coming out right there!" And it's true, lol. It would have been so fun to see the two of them have more time together to bond if she was still alive. It's just so funny--for as much as my older son, Trevor, is me made over in personality and the clone of my own father in his appearance, and Greydon looks like my husband's twin, he sure is my mom's personality twin without a doubt! It keeps me smiling every time I see it come through in him a little each day.
I can't wait for the years ahead with this precious little boy of mine. Well...then again, maybe I can wait just a little. I wouldn't mind if time would slow down just a touch. I know he's going to become a wonderful little boy just like his big brother and he's going to be a great big brother himself in a few short months.
Happy birthday, my sweet little Koala Bear! I love you beyond words and I am so proud of everything about you!

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