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To bind or free in the soppy name of love?

Jan 25, 2013 - 0 comments

Last night I received a call. It was an hour long phone, with just a few words exchanged. His words he swallowed; mine came out as breaths. He cried midway. I only allowed myself after. At the end, he repeatedly, awkwardly wished me well and hung up.

6 years of relationship reduced to one silent phone call.
Yet amidst the stillness, the exchange was deep. In his silence there hung our broken dreams, broken promises and plans; the once was and have beens; the memories. What he could not say I knew, and what he masked with wishes I felt. Neither were acknowledged, for the price was too high.

"You once said you will hold my hand, even as it wrinkled and aged, you would never let me go." I have a choice.
I can choose to stay bitter for what could have been, or I can be grateful for what has been.

I still wonder. Would it be better to stay together, settle with mediocrity but at least have each other; or let each other go and bloom into our fullest potential?

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