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Ready Steady...  Not so much Go...

Mar 01, 2009 - 3 comments



Not pregnant



So I was pregnant and now I'm not...  Again...  It's getting really hard to deal with this now.  Over three years of trying and over one year at IVF.  I feel hopeless, like this is never going to happen.  Why do I get pregnant then loose it...?  It's funny to think that as the doctor said that either implanted in the wrong spot and had to go or that it ran out of energy and just stopped.  I think it ran out of energy, with all my stupid clinical depression and all that goes with that, and even though I am trying to help myself and am getting better and better every week.  It just seems unfair.  I'm tired of everything.  I just knew on Friday at the store that I shouldn't come to shop on saturday, but I had no choice I own it and my partner was away and the girl who works for us can't do a saturday on her own...  So it stopped then and I knew it.  All the symptoms magically stopped, and I just knew.  I could write for ever about all my troubles, but I don't want to .  I will pick myself up and move on, again.  I am driving to Queensland for a week with my Hubby and that is going to be really really nice. I'll get to have a break and watch Foxtel!  WE are going to camp on the way up to the GC and just take it easy.

It's always the way, what you want the most is the hardest to get.  So I'll keep trying, I'm not broken yet.

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by Schitzophrantic, Mar 01, 2009
Stay Positive. I was told after I lost my babies I would never be able to carry full term because I has severe Endometriosis.
After my latest miscarriage I fell pregnant with twins and they were born fit and healthy, 10 months later I was pregnant again, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.
Miracles do happen!

Good Luck xx

779811 tn?1278364363
by glanzaf, Mar 01, 2009
i never been pregnant i'm just only 18 years old but i am ina relasionship that things are takin us to marry ... well i adore children its the best thing that you can have in life...but i wanted to say that never give up about something as long as you keep on havin faith yes miracles do happen my mother she had twins my brother and another boy but unfortinualy my other brother did servive but after that she had my brother they doctors told her that she couldn't have kids anymore because her left tube was blocked and removed and the right tube was just blocked too .... but after 10 years she got pregnant and then i came it was a miracle for sure .... because how can the doctors tells you that you just have only 1 right tube that its blocked too and she get pregnan again its surely a miracle

good luck everyone

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by zip78852, Mar 02, 2009
miracles do happedn but have faith    not     obssession !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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