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Tough day in London

Mar 01, 2009 - 1 comments

Well, I had a virus about 10 days ago and wondering if I am in recovery.  Yesterday went to London with Jill for her christmas present.  Had a tough day.  Some depression and anxiety feelings.  

Woke up this morning feeling completely knackered.  Sat on the couch at home now feeling fine after a nice swim this morning.  Reassured when reading some of the old entries on just returning to work.  I am definitely improving but feel as if last week was a bit of a set back.

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by MontanaGurl, Mar 01, 2009
Hello - I am glad you are on the chat with us.  It is always nice to hear when someone is improving.  If you don't mind me asking, is your virus attack the reason for your depression and anxiety?  Just wanting to know what to chat about, I have alot of anxiety and depression and most recently post traumatic stress disorder :-)  i am just a bundle of joy!!  Anyway if you want to chat i am here........MontanaGurl (freezing in Montana is more like it) U.S.A.

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