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Great Saturday Night

Mar 01, 2009 - 1 comments

My hubby and daughter went out to dinner and then we went to karaoke. We had a blast. I sang about 5 songs and my daughter and I did 2 duets. I had 3 margaritas and I felr pretty good. ( I didntn sleep too good though and I got up rather early after staying out till 1 am)
I did pretty good for an ole granny chic. The people at the table next to us thought my daughter and I were sisters hahahaha.
The weather turned cold yesterday. This morning is much nicer. I cant tell all of you how relieved I am it is March 1st.

January and February are the worst 2 months for my depression. And add all the overtime we have been working all aIl I have wanted to do is sleep.
In 27 days we will be in the Florida keys for a week. I cant wait. I have been fake baking ( tan in a can) and I look pretty good.
the trip will be much needed as mandatory overtime starts on the 9th for 6 days a week I really hate giving up my Saturdays.I wont get to see my grandsons so much as they ussually come overand spend the night on Saturdays.

Any way I had a REALLY good time last night. I feltyoung again singing with my daughter.The depression is gone this morning and spring has arrived at least here in Oklahoma.

Love Venora

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by glanzaf, Mar 01, 2009
thats great venora wish you all the best keep it up .... good luck for the trip and take care

from stephanie

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