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Withdrawal Symptoms? There is Help!!! Amino Acids

Mar 16, 2008 - 30 comments

Most of this program is from the book END YOUR ADDICTION NOW.. the doctor who wrote it ran a treatment facility in UPstate New york where they gave patients amino acids and vitamin via IV during treatment.. He also counsels patients individually.. All of these things are meant to rebuild activity in the major neuro transmitters.. as addicts our neurotransmitters have been disrupted by our use of drugs.. even stuff like cigarettes and eating alot of sugar can disrupt them.. with drugs however it can be more damaging.. I will list the aminos maily used for addiction, their dosages etc.. everything should be taken on a empty stomach... an hour b4 meals.. Take all of them together with lots of water... I have added stuff as I have done more research on this...

**Please check with your doctor or pharmacist for any interactions with any meds you may be taking.

B- vitamin Complex  100mgs, needed for absorption of aminos, rebuilding of the liver, reducing stress,  If you can get injections from your doctor that is even better.. I would buy the sublingual for best absorption

Multi mineral vitamin high potency formula , just good to take all around, addicts are using lacking many of the right vitamins and minerals, and alot of prescription drugs rob our bodies of nutrients.

5HTP-- this is what tryptophan gets turned into prior to being turned into serotonin in our brains. Serotonin is what is usually depleted if we are depressed and anxious.. Taking this will help with PAWS ( post accute withdrawl syndrome) or eliminate you suffering from them all together      DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE TAKING A SSRI OR TRICYLIC ANTI DEPRESSANT
Dosage-- up to 300mgs a day 3x DAILY ( I take 100mgs 3x per day, start with the lower dose and move up if needed)

L-glutamine--amino acid required for GABA production, that is the relaxing part of our brain.    up to 2000mgs 3x per day.. ( I take 1000 mgs 3x day, again start lower and work up if needed)

L-Taurine-- another "relaxing" amino  up to 1000mgs 3x daily

DLPA-- helps restore the function to the pain receptors working with the enporphins/enkephalins, can also help with pain if you are someone that suffers with some kind of legitamate pain. DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE TAKING A SSRI OR TRICYLIC ANTIDEPRESSANT or if you have DIABETES or HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE
Dose-- up to 2000mgs 3x per day (again you can start lower like 1000mgs 3x daily)

Sam-e-- aids in stress relief, depression,eases pain, and produces antioxidant effect that can improve the health of the liver 200-400mgs per day

Vitamin C-- use Ester c buffered form, detoxifies the system, and lessens cravings for drugs. Supports many body systems. Take 2,000mgs every 3 hours. Start with 1,000mgs and work your way up. Can cause loose stools, body will adjust.

Calcium 1,000mgs at bedtime Magnesium 1,000mgs at bedtime  nourishes the central nervous system and helps control tremors like RLS and other muscle spasms calms and relaxes the body, helps sleep.

If you find yourself really struggling with energy after being on the aminos you can add L-tyrosine to the mix in the early part of the day.. up to 1,500mgs..  This is not usually used in the treatment of pain pill addiction and can over stimulate some people I would say only take it if you are still struggling with energy after starting everything else..

If you find yourself having some anxiety the amino L-theanine is like natural valium.. It has helped me so much I no longer need to take xanax at all for my panic attacks

As far as sleep.. in my early days off of pills I took a sleep blend from GNC with a L-theanine and calcium magnesium liquid everynight and slept like a baby.

I suggest GNC to purchase this stuff they are pretty cheap (some stuff is only 4.99 a bottle)  they were also super helpful and knew alot.. I got a gold card to save some bucks in the future..

After a few months if you are feeling good you can taper the aminos back to once a day... then a few months after that a few times a week.. the best part about taking aminos instead of drugs is you don't have to take them forever to get the benefit.. the FIX the problem not put a band aid on it.

Protein shakes can be of great benefit.. protein is needed for rebuilding of nearly everything in the body.

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by smiley128, Aug 22, 2008
this is more expensive that the drugs

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by BossLady025, Apr 16, 2009
who gives a **** if it costs more, you cant put a price on getting your life back...

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by snakej200, May 11, 2009
I am currently going through withdrawl coming off of suboxone.  I have been off the pills for 5 days now and feel awful.  I am going to pick up all these amino acids today.  I am wondering how long will it take for them to kick in? Should I expect to feel better the day I take them?

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by snakej200, May 12, 2009
Well It's been 24 hrs since I started this supplement regimen (I was hurting so bad I would have eated dog crap if someone said it would make me feel better) and I feel a million times better.  So for all of you hurting on withdrawl give this a shot it does help enough to drop the dough on the supplements.

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by piercit, May 13, 2009
This program works...You should load these amino acids only after having a lipid panel to check cholesterol levels....this is a program based on taper. As you taper off of opiates. You add amino acids to raise your own bodies ability to reproduce endorphines. It will also help to lower your need for increasing levels of opiate pain killers.

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by hopelessdetermined, Jul 09, 2009
I am trying to quit oxycodone. I am just starting to take some magnesium, l-glutamine and l-arginine, along with a multi-vitamin. I took my first epsom salt bath last night. My problem: I have a few vicodin left from before and my wife is helping me wean from them. Going from just 3 to 2 to 1, then to 1/2. Is this ok to do? What else can I do to help myself? Please!

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by snakej200, Aug 18, 2009
I wouldn't bother weening down...your just prolonging the inevitable withdrawl.  going to be just as bad no matter how much u ween down...i weened down to 2mg of suboxone a day when i quit and the withdrawl was just as bad as if i had been using like normal so in my opinion your just dragging it out...good luck

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by subsweetie12305, Dec 19, 2009
is there any risks with trying this

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by piercit, Jan 04, 2010
No risk at all if you don't take any anti-depresents such as paxil. Read the list, don't be afraid to take any of these or increase levels for being overweight.

The reaction you get from any supplement overload is a rash on the chest. If you get a rash cut back..Drink lots of fluids. Doing so helps you to absorb the vitamins and aminos. You will pass most of these, but the goal is to overload your cells, and reset your neurotransmiters.

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by cookies228, May 23, 2010
ok i'm out of my med and dreading getting up in the morning.....I 'm going to GNC I'm going to buy every bit of these amino acids and vitimins and i already have the vitimin b starting tomorrow cold turkey no more med and hello amino..I will post and let you all know how I am doing. I general take 4 or 5 ten mg. lortab and have been for the last 5 years . I'm ready to get off the pain med and try an alternative route.

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by helpanyone, Jul 23, 2010
I do actually take antidepressants just went down from 90 mgs cymbalta to 60 mgs... what is safe for me to take? any of it?

1396036 tn?1280361673
by PezoCon, Aug 01, 2010
I purchased most of these reccommended here, and I'll let you all know how it works! I'm trying to quit taking xanax and I'm on about 2mg suboxone that I'm also trying to wean off of. I can't wait till I'm not a prisoner of drugs anymore. I want my head back! Please any tips?

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by stacy1999, Jan 26, 2011
About how much did all these cost? I am just wondering because I am going to try these. My dr. put me on clonidine and seroquel for the w/d and it helps some but this regime seems better than those pills he put me on. I also take xanax and there is an amino acid that acts like that to help the anxiety...i will def try it because i dont want to get addicted to xanax too coming off of suboxone.

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by nora_1023, Jun 20, 2011
Oh I'm so glad I found this link!  I'm a back surgery x 2 person, who was taking oxycontin 60mg x 3 + up to 10 Percs for breakthru pain /day.  The last surgery was a huge success so now the drugs must go.  I want to 'feel' again.  I didn't realize that I was numb until I starting reducing the dosages.  The last reduction will be gone this week & the WDs started last week.  I can't sleep, I have no energy, I get very anxious & I now know that there is more pain than back pain in my body.  But I'm going to go as natural as possible.  I had blood work done today so my deficiencies will be visible on Thursday when I see the Dr.
I have been getting acupuncture for leg pain before the surgery so will now try it to help with the WDs.
I'm going to print out the list & head for GNC or whatever the equivalent is in Canada.  wish me luck.  And to all my detox counterparts, good luck & keep updating so I can see how you're doing....Thanks

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by Jofis1243, Feb 08, 2012
goddddd...honostly have had difficulty quitin pain killers until recently...keep in mind taking EVERY day over three years probably 40-60 mgs of percoset(I know theres many of ppl out there who say thats not THAT much compared to them) but the withdrawels were definetly still there. also tried all kinds of stuff to get off. HONOSTLY I think alot of us take the painkillers because were tired when were not on them...but taking B vitamins, Vitamin C, 5 HTP, L dopa, flaxseed oil, and co q-10 on a daily basis combined with 30-60 minutes a day of sauna time along with excercise and eating almost EVERYTHING healthy(no fast food or preservatives) makes a HUGE difference. I am 100% sure if someone going through withdrawels does all this they will not regret it. (sauna became my best friend because your sweating ALL those chemicals from the pills out..and you just naturally feel better after)..also i probably wouldnt COMPLETELY cut off taking the painkillers RIGHT AWAY..i was taking one 10 mg percoset around 4 in the evening just so i could sleep through the quitting process(the leg shakes at night kept me up for hours) for about a week than second week went to 5 mgs than third quit alltogether....wouldnt reccomend taking "purple drink" or cough syrup or benzos to help sleep thats just puttin more chemicals in you.

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by Jofis1243, Feb 08, 2012
All I know is that now that I NATURALLY feel good again after years of the pain killers..I would NEVER take them for pain(unless its something SERIOUS..that is) but at this point would be to afraid of them after how hard it was too quit. You DEFINETLY can be happy after quitting..something I was afraid of when I was on them

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by sis1951, Mar 10, 2012
If you are slowly tapering off meds. can you take theses vits. at the same time to help as you taper?

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by 3yearsugly, Apr 04, 2012
I was at about 400 mg oxy a day for about 3 years when I hit rock bottom 2 weeks ago today! I didn't have insurance, sock decided to kick it cold turkey! I layer in my bed with the covers over my head for two days in so much pain I thought it would be better to just kill myself, it wouldn't hurt as much! My wonderful girlfriend found this website and put me on this program! Within 5 days I felt almost normal! I had enough energy to start going to AA meetings (I'm a alcholic and an addict!) 12 days in I have my life back! I did go to a doctor after 8 days of withdrawl and she tried to put me on subs! Don't do it! It was just another doctor trying to sling drugs! Thank you for posting this Im sure this regimen along with Jesus' grace saved my life!!

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by amazonbarbie, Jun 26, 2012
Ive ben taking oxycodone since 2007 wen i had heart surgery. I dnt want dis addiction anymore. Im sick of running out n spending my money buying off da streets. Im tired of not being able to think of anything bt dem fuckn pills. Im tired of not being able to sleep, think, feel, love, n be normal without dem. Im sick of dis addiction. I need n want help, but im afraid of da withdrawals. I dnt want to sub wit another opiate, i want to b clean all together. Someone please help me!!!!

Avatar universal
by Rally2006, Aug 06, 2012
I have been taking taking Oxycodone 5mg since 2006 after 3 brain surgeries and controlled the dosage to 40 mgs a day, also started to taper for 10 days now with the vitamin recipe.  From 8 5mg a day, went to  five pills for one week, and have been on 4 pills a day for 2 days now.  Compared to others my dosage is so low, yet the craving is enormous.  But no other withdrawal symptoms  (yet).  Any suggestions about the cravings?   I feel so incompetent without them, but yet I know that's what I have to do if I don't want to run to the doctor as a little old lady to get prescriptions  (I am 58 years old and life is just going by waiting for the next dose)

Avatar universal
by GSpeirs, Aug 10, 2012
**** man I feel you all, I've been on codeine (240mg a day) for 7 months and just last month got prescribed Oxycodone, I ran out pretty damn fast and I can tell you the next 2 days without Oxy or Codeine were a living hell. I didn't know Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals helped so much with all this, I've been taking almost everything listed here for years because I used to train mixed martial arts (bjj, judo, muay thai) before I had spinal cord surgery so I guess it really helped me not have a massive withdrawal but I definitely felt the need for it again.

I'm getting a box of 40mg pills x30 in a couple of days and after reading all this I'm not so sure I wanna continue to take them, I can control myself to take 60mg of codeine a day, with pain obviously, but I don't physically feel addicted as I did with Oxy. It felt dangerous, all I could think about while I was on it was wanting more... No wonder it's so hard getting off 'H' it must be a living hell.

I guess I'm a lucky person and didn't fall into the Oxy trap for over a month. You literally feel more pain when you're on it and it runs out than when you're off it. And I'm missing 3 posterior vertebrae....

Hope more people reach this website, I'm into internet marketing so I'll probably link to this page for those of you who need help.

All the best!

Avatar universal
by Fractured250, Dec 08, 2013
I'm on 3 20mg oxycotin sr and 3 15mg oxycodone ir. I suffer from brutal withdrawl symptoms. I took 50mg of Revia I had in the closet 3 yrs ago while taking 38 mg a day of Dilaudid 2mg 19 pills a day. The Revia induced precipitated withdrawl. It was violent withdrawl in less than 45 min. Anyway now I suffer jumping off at 10 mg of Oxy. How do you taper down the oxycotin Slow Release?

Avatar universal
by lightworkerjeff, Mar 01, 2014
Narcotics annyoumous help me stop using im clean 11 months now and its changed my life like no vitamin could x

Avatar universal
by joemannicolegirl, Oct 12, 2014
I'm quitting suboxone and hve read nothing butwhore stories about withdrawals so I'm pretty scared right now to say the going to try the aminos but mostly take it as it comes.

Avatar universal
by conundrumenigma, Dec 01, 2014
I've been off the sub for 3 months now. I was on them for many years. I feel "ok" but I still feel panicked, like something is not right. My biggest problem is the unbearable anxiety and the insomnia. I've been reading about these so-called "relaxing" amino acids lately but what I'd like to know is which one is the most effective? L-glutamine, l-taurine or l-theanine?

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by Biggreen80didmein, Jan 15, 2015
Been through all this a few too many times in my young age, all at my own choice. Just recently kicked about a 6 month H habit. 2 years before that I was on subs for almost 2 years. I understand everyone is different, but it is Nothing to kick Subs once you got them. You just can't be the over-indulgers we are. Make a plan and stick 2 it. If you have 30 a month script. Then go 7 days 1 sub no more, 7 days 3/4, 7 days 1/2. Then for the last 9 try cutting the halves in half then you won't notice. This can be used for higher doses as well just longer periods. Not being harsh but if your taking 2 subs at the same time daily you don't even have that many receptors so don't, no matter what Dr. Won tells ya. My hardest part has always been the life change and the PAW, weeks after which hopefully these Amina's will help. Thanks to all & nothing but love!

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by Ccb73, Jul 21, 2015
Hi. I'm withdrawing from two psych drugs: Seroquel and Cymbalta. I'm also on Viibryd and Klonopin. I feel I can use amino acids and they help me here and there. I do this even while on SSRI. If not, I'm in a catch 22! Need to taper but can't without aminos, need aminos but need the drugs, for time being.

As of today, I'm still reeling from a recent cut on Seroquel and continuous cutting of Cymbalta.

Any ideas how to supplement when brain is adjusting to withdrawal?

Please assist because I'm breaking.

Thank You,


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by Haterdrugs, Aug 31, 2015
The supplements are well worth the help of coming off of 800 mg of Seroquel a night which I've been taking for 3 years now.  I've decided to check into for the 10-14 days of NAD IV Treatment100% of all people who do it are withdrawal free, physically feeling better. Yes it's extremely expensive, but you're pampered & you don't feel withdrawal symptoms! Best thing they're all gone in 10-14 days. If you can afford it, DO IT!

Avatar universal
by Haterdrugs, Sep 07, 2015
I'm electively coming off of very HIGH DOSES OF PSYCH MEDS! They've been switching my meds around for 25 years!! My Body is starting to feel side affects, I'm having Heart problems, high blood pressure. Thankfully my Dad can pay for a Natural- Holistic In Patient Program for 3 months or longer in Southern Cal. I was told by many Drs it's not safe in my situation to detox @ home. I should be doing it Holistically under the care of medical professionals. I'm scared, but these drugs are killing me mentally & physically! I know it's not going to be easy but I'll be in a safe beautiful environment, I deserve it because the last 25 years of being Bi polar - Anxiety a Disorder on all these Drugs were HELL! I feel like I have another chance @ LIFE.  Thanks SafeHarborHouse. Kelly Henry

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by patricia9, Oct 20, 2016
DO NOT stop taking the meds cold! You could easily go into seizures and die. A slow taper is needed. (look up the Ashton Method).  Amazon sells amino acids ..I find the Bulk Supplements the cheapest in the long run.  There is a product called Chill6 you might want to research.  Good luck to all.  (going through benzo withdrawals myself..) Slow and steady is the only way to go.

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