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I think I'm gunna just ' kick it' a bit, til I know more about starting Tx.  

Mar 17, 2008 - 2 comments

Tx WHEN?????????

I don't mind at all; giving my friendship and hugs, and any support I can offer, to all you wonderful people, but I can't help feeling frustrated and widgy trying desperately to be a patient patient.  This has been to no avail.  I'll be back when I have any news. Right now I'm just waiting, and waiting, and waiting...............

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by incharge08, Mar 17, 2008
.... I'm here 'waiting' with you
hugs and kisses Ant B

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by Severance, Mar 17, 2008
Yep...sign me up on that.
Here, I brought ( shuffles through picnic basket and finds thermos) hot whatever you like, drinks and nibbles to match.

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