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Jan 27, 2013 - 2 comments

This is a poem i wrote in order to get my emotions out on a piece of paper. Its not a 'polished' poem, it was just in the spur of the moment. I know its not the best sad poem, but i like it, and i think it shows my true emotions and confusion. This was during one of my 'down' days, which has been like a rollercoaster lately, but my 'up' days are becoming alot more entertaining and full of energy. I am great at this precise moment. I am actually going to read a book, which needs to happen alot more often! haha So i am proud of myself for that.
But anyway here it is:

A rubber Band
hitting my wrist
to know why i am crying
is my only wish.

When i am down
i always ask myself why,
But I never thought suicide
would ever cross my mind

I am not going through hell,
which is just as well.
But the life i live
I live in my own shell

And as i wake in the morning ,
I wake with a sigh
As if my life
is no longer worth the try

I don’t know why
i feel this way
When people ask how i am
I no longer know what to say

I fear their reaction
And I fear none at all
For my many worries
Are only very small

Judging myself every day
Assessing myself in every way
I know i am not perfect
And that we all have our down days
But in help of my worries
And for my own sake
When it comes to this
I am aware of every single step I take

I know i am crazy
And i know i am lazy
But i am just a teenager
Whose future seems hazy

Anyway this journal entry is not entirely sad, nor entirely happy, but i enjoy writing poetry and thats all that matters. (some of my other poems are on the 'creative writing therapy' group. Well one, but i am capable of writing more...) (Trust me...They are pretty good, if i may say so myself, but i had extra help in deciding on that by many others. hhehee :) Whoever read this, i hope you will join, it is not 'my' group, but no one has been on in a while....and its a good chance to get some action going! hhehheehehee

:) :) :)

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1683709 tn?1370713201
by sueduva, Jan 27, 2013
Hey I really like your poem. It is a great way to get your emotions out. I think you are very creative :)
I'm glad to hear you are having more "good" days, that is awesome, and enjoy your reading.
Take care, sue

4059843 tn?1516799521
by mishymoshymarcy, Jan 27, 2013
Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed it. Everytime i see it i read it over and over, it makes me feel good for some reason. Hehehehee :)

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