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Pegasys Prefilled Syringes

Mar 02, 2009 - 0 comments

prefill syringe



Rang Roche today to ask about the 'left overs' in my prefilled syringes after my shot.  They were extremely helpful.  Here is what I learned:

To compensate for any medicine that may be lost when pushing out the air bubbles, and for the mechanism of the syringe they OVERFILL the syringes by 0.1 ml.  

In other words, they put in 0.6ml of medicine in order to deliver 0.5ml of medicine.  That works out to almost 17% extra in each syringe.

It always looks like so much is left after the shot that it freaks me out.  I would have hazarded a guess at about 20% so I wasn't too far off the mark.  So glad to know that I am getting the full amount and there is one less thing for me to stress about as EOT anxiety starts to build...

I thought Roche gave great customer service, I was impressed.

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