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Health Summary Wk 4

Jan 29, 2013 - 0 comments

Weight: 59.6kg
Body Fat Mass: 16.3kg
Current health: Falling sick

Lymph nodes at my neck are swollen. Feeling light-headed, dizzy, tired. My throat hurt when I woke up, stayed swollen so no singing in the car. Possibly due to dehydration. Low on fluids for the past few days, had BBQ party, travelled interstate and was baking in the sun.

25% of this week's calorie intake is from snacks (>.<). Yikes! Should cut down on that chocolate drink.

Missed my last exercise. Could be because I felt dizzy and faint during my last gym visit. Pushed myself to run faster, so my waist, shoulders and legs really ached during the weekends. Truly unsatisfied because I could have ran much longer, but my lungs couldn't keep up.

BP normal, but Resting heart rate ranges from 47 - 58. :\

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