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Whole milk time, yikes

Jan 30, 2013 - 1 comments

Okay- it is time to transition to whole milk- bye to formula!  The thing is, I have done an awful thing.  I give them bottles at nap and bed time so I think that will have to go too.  First I read to mix milk and formula and transition that way.  Then I read- take them off of formula straight to milk and ditch the bottles and move to sippy cups all at the same time. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

BTW- out peditrician suggested we do this at 1 year- they are now almost 14 months.  We were traveling abroad and I did not want to do this in another country.  Then they were ill when we got home so that is why I am just getting to this!!!  

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by hopeitworks, Jan 30, 2013
I have heard you do the 50-50 ratio. So milk and formula and slowly decrease the formula over time. I would offer sippy cup more than the bottle. Being as to how they are use to the bottle you may want to use the sippy cups with the spouts that they can drink like a bottle for the sucking aspect. I have heard this helps with children in this situation.
Good Luck!!

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