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Jan 31, 2013 - 17 comments

I met with the GYn Oncologist today. He said if my ca125 level wasnt rising at the rate its been rising at and lupron had worked for me before, he would be ok with saying this is all likely endo and lets try lupron again etc. However given my levels, and my u/s etc he wants to proceed with my GYN in the removal of my left tube/ovary and the mass, we will have a open procedure cut the long way because if they find cancer they will need to be able to have access again for lymphondes and what not. This is kinda were I went deer in the headlights on him
He did say the plan will be to just remove the left side and as much endo as possible, and keep the right side and uterus in hopes of a futre pregnancy. However there is no guarantee its all dependent on 1. cancer and 2 that the right side itself looks like once they are in there
I was so happy last week I assumed the ct scan showing nothing new was good and the thought of cancer was behind us so yesteray was a punch to the face to say the least and a every emotional day for me
He also said that on my right side the tube between my kidney and bladder? was swollen or thinned on the ct scan and because of this I need to see the urologist again and also during surgery they will put a stent or 2 in
He said there was no reason for this on th e ct scan as it was on the right side and mass is on the left.

he comes down from Boston so he will be back here 2/27 and wishes to do the surgery then

I am ok with everthing. What scares the $hit out of me is the obvious cancer. and I worry and am sad for Quinlan she will be just a year and no understand that mommy cant carry her and pick her u p this is going to crush me, and then there is DB he is going to be amazing I know this but work, me and quinlan all on his plate, his work plate is full enough. We have plenty of help. I even got a offer from across the country to be here the week after. So I know we will be ok...I just worry so much about everyone else

So please ladies I ask once again to send some prayers up for me.Thanks

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by Ellen038, Jan 31, 2013
I hope that they won't have to take anything out but the endo but if they do have to take something it's just the one tube and ovary. Even though its more invasive I understand why they want to do an open case opposed to a scope. It's better to have a clear idea of what all is going on inside and being able to remove every possible bit of endometriosis they can for your sake. Going back repeatedly for clean outs is no fun, I've been in that situation too. It sounds like you have a good team of doctors looking out for you. I will be praying that you won't need a hysterectomy until your finished completing your family and that CA is nowhere to be found. I know this must make you nervous but I know you will find the comfort and support you will need from your med help family to stay positive and get thru this.  

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by Sherri90049, Jan 31, 2013
Holy moly! Leanne, I'm so sorry you're going through this! Will be praying hard for you that the surgery goes great and it's all good news after that! Big huge hugs!!!! xx

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by Carly1306, Jan 31, 2013
So sorry you're going through this, just seems like one thing after another in this department right now and I can only imagine how stressful it all is. You know you have lots of love and support here in the virtual world as well in the real world, and so definitely take full advantage of both - that's what we're all here for.

I'm wishing you the best of luck for your surgery, and hoping that all goes well and it's a fast recovery so you can enjoy your baby girl properly again.

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by retta483, Jan 31, 2013
I'm so sorry you are going threw this :(  prayers comming for a sucessful surgery no cancer and a future pregnancy !  O and a quick recovery so you can hold Q :)   xx

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by Wits777, Jan 31, 2013
Many prayers coming your way. I hope for a speedy recovery!

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by hopeitworks, Jan 31, 2013
Thanks ladies. Its so hard sitting here thinking that this surgery could change the rest of our lives, as much as we would love for Q to have a sibling we are entirely ok with a complete hyster, its again the lingering possiblity of cancer that is too much to bear. Its all in gods hands now.
We have been through so much these last 5 yrs have been a roller coaster ride and Im ready to get off. We cant seem to catcha break I mean we got Quinlan she is worth everything but 3 months after her we lose my MIL and now we are faced with this major possibly life changing surgery. Its all so much........sigh

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by Risa615, Jan 31, 2013
Sending prayers and hugs Leanne. Sounds like a lot to deal with, I am praying for you during this tough time!

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by journey2motherhood, Jan 31, 2013
Hi Leanne,

I'm so sorry, I can understand why you feel this way too.  I thouht everything was ok too your ct results.  OF course you will be in my thoughts and prayers.  It will be hard yes but you have an amazing db and He will do the best he can.  You just have to take care of yourself.  Its alot to deal with yes, but your a strong woman so I know you will be fine. :-)

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by mandaszoo, Jan 31, 2013
Just sending prayers and best wishes that all goes well with surgery and hoping the future will be bright for you and your family

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by cheekyhalfs, Jan 31, 2013
Sending you loads of thoughts and good wishes that your surgery goes well and it's a good positive outcome. I hope you can get closure from all this worry and look forward to the future, and hopefully a sibling for Quinlan but I understand the greater importance of a healthy future to enjoy your little girl. Take care.

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by hopeitworks, Jan 31, 2013
Thank you ladies. Your support always means so much to me.
I talked with my GYN and he also wants to remove the spot of my bladder while in there
Have lots of consents to fill out and just pray in the end I still have the ability to urinate onmy own and
of course Im cancer free
My GYN is still very opimistic that its just the endo because on the ct scan everything else was clear my liver
etc.,..but obviouslt he doesnt work with ovarian cancers and agrees completely its time we go in and see what is going
on and not to miss anything.
I meet with him on Tues to sign consents and then thats pretty much it til the 27th when I have surgery.

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by adgal, Jan 31, 2013
Oh honey, I was so hoping you wouldn't need surgery.  And I would still bet the farm it's not cancer.  Please know I am thinking of you and you are always in my thoughts and prayers.  And I'm going to say it...THIS *****!!!  but I know that ultimately it's going to be ok.  xoxo

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by krichar, Jan 31, 2013
Well... i've told you a bazillion times how I feel... I'm here 100% I don't believe it's the big scary word because they've biopsied it right before Q and if they have to take everything out all that matters is you are ok and miss Q has her mommy here. Like I said just lay on the floor and snuggle her and if you need me, I'll do what I can to get there.... Even if I have to drive there and pull S out of school to be there I will :) it'll take me a week with 2 kids, but I will come :)

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by Helen72, Jan 31, 2013
I am so sorry you need another surgery.  I hope this surgery will be your last.  Pease keep us posted.

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by globetrot, Feb 02, 2013
hugs to you. I had no idea you were going through all of this- I am so sorry.  We will be praying for you! Hang in there.

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by usuk, Feb 03, 2013
this is a lot to handle even when it turns out to be nothing. thinking of you. hope you are back to worrying about the small stuff again very soon. xoxo

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by Hopeful4aBlessing, Feb 05, 2013
Leanne, you've got so many prayers and positive thoughts coming your way for first and foremost- NO CANCER! You're such a strong and amazing woman, there's nothing you can't survive through! And just because they remove the left tube doesn't mean you won't get pregnant so no worries about that. Many prayers you have a quick recovery! Please keep us posted and I'm here for you always! Much love from me and my lil man for without you he wouldn't be here! :)

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