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its just one obstacle after the next!

Jan 31, 2013 - 0 comments

chiari malformation

yesterday, tufts called me to say i needed to call registration about insurance info for my appt monday. i couldnt get in touch with them so i called today during lunch. and they said "we dont take network health forward, we take network health standard. call your insurance and have them switch you to standard." so i called my insurance and they said "we cant switch you to standard, call your primary and have them send a prior authorization so you can go to your appointment." so i called my primary and they said "well try to put the prior authorization through but we wont know if it is accepted or not until monday morning." so THEN i called the NS office for the 2nd time today to tell them what was going on and to see what they wanted me to do. but they didnt answer so i had to leave a message. and if they say "just come to the appt anyways" and the prior authorization doesnt go through, ill have to pay out of pocket with money i dont even have. i just feel like i am jumping through so many hoops just to get to this appointment. why cant it be easy just once? ive waited over a month for this appointment and NOW they tell me they dont take my insurance? i should have checked by phone if dr heilman took my plan instead of online. now, if the prior authorization doesnt go through, ill have to find a new NS and pray i find one who specializes in chiari. i feel so hopeless right now

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