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A day in the Life of the Impatient Patient

Mar 17, 2008 - 1 comments

How am I today? Alive....Yes Thank the good Lord I am alive. I just pray he gives me the strength to keep going :) Even if I don't make a big mark in the world, I want to get better enough so I can do something. WHY? I want to make sure that even one or two less people out there on the face of the earth don't have to suffer and be undertreated, or mistreated or whatever the case may be. If one more doctor tries to attribute one more problem I am having to having anxiety I am going to blow a fuse, I really am. It is this that causes me to be anxious. HELLO! I really like my internist, I really do, and maybe it is just me, but I tried to explain that I have been peeing way too much. And she is like well anxiety can cause the bladder muscles to contract and cause you to go more...I won't go into the full discussion. She was nice about it. I was like, I haven't been so anxious lately that it should do that. She gave me detrol though,so that is a good thing. She is pretty good. I just am sick of suffering. What is wrong with this world that they cannot get it!!!!!
How many patients decide on the ultimate out because they cannot take it anymore. I have OCD, but my illness is the primary cause of my problems. It causes me to be depressed. Ocd, yes could be helped more, but I have intrusive thoughts and do not go suffer from thinking I have things like Avian flu, or Ebola, or brain tumors or something. I don't have that kind of OCD. It makes me so angry sometimes. How do I not get angry! How do I not just decide to jump off a bridge. Well, I am not going anywhere, so HAHA, to those of you out there who have mistreated me. HAHA, world I am staying and am gonna kick butt. I am mad, I am sick, and yes I am sore and tired and fed up....but I am not giving up without a fight.
Impatiently Yours
Chelle aka, the Impatient Patient

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by Sunny602, Mar 17, 2008
That's the way to show 'em by not giving up and keeping fighting that uphill fight. I have had doctors throw their hands up seemingly to quickly and chalk my ills up to anxiety. IF they only knew just how anxious that makes me! If I didn't have any anxiety prior to a clinic visit like that, I sure did whenever I left the office. Thankfully, after much persuing and being stubborn as a nail, it eventually gets resolved and the doctors ultimately find a cause to my problems.
I pray that answers are found for you far as peeing too much, have they checked your blood sugars lately? I know that when I developed diabetes I was living in the bathroom, that along with thirst and weight loss prompted me to look further into it. Just a thought :)

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