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1 Day Post Transfer

Jan 31, 2013 - 0 comments

post transfer



Ok so I thought this is a good way to let out everything I'm feeling and if I do get that much wanted BFP, come back here and read all these symptoms that lead me to my beautiful baby girl...yes I know the sex already ;)

So today I had to go to work and spent the whole morning feeling very sore and with constant mild cramps that transfered to my legs, it got better in the afternoon but then I was sooo tired and sleepy that I couldn't wait until I was done with my last patient to go home and just crash on the couch...Now I just had my progesterone in oil injection and I'm feeling OK...just a little nauseous mixed with's a weird feeling. I just ate a bowl of yogurt with granola and I guess it wasn't enough...
Today I also noticed some brownish/redish discharge...don't know if is from all the instrumentation in there yesterday or maybe implantation bleeding??? :))))
Tomorrow I have doctor's appt for BW...don't know what they're testing for though?

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