The start and ending of wk 12 Journals

Wk 8-12

Feb 01, 2013 - 0 comments

The nausea kinda seemed to pass and come and go. My appetite has seemed to come back somewhat. Something's still taste gross to me. The only thing that has stayed is my sleeping doesn't exist even with ambiem. So I sleep half the day way. Oh let's not forget itching anal and **** and no sex. Yes, I said it but in my defense I don't think I would be much fun...haha. Had to find something funny out of this.  I have been having really bad hip pains maybe cuz I sit touch or old recurring pain. Maybe a bit of all of it. Changed my pm RIBA to 4 instead of midnight. It has kind  of helped out as far as my sleeping goes. Hopefully things will change. I may have some new fun sx and ... I don't know. Stay tuned to next week post.

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