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Feb 02, 2013 - 0 comments

oh!  oh!!!! medhelp how i love thee medhelp!!!!  you, that is.  thee is you right?  why am i asking this i should know.  gah

hi medhelp.  how are yooooooo???? omigrill i hope you are good and i am not bad i must say yippers!  yay!!!!!!!  woo hoooo

ok a little excited i did take my lithium dint i?  NO i aint!!! fuh man

its at home

that place i call home

OH my  Oh my OH my oh my oh my

how much space can i ttake up with useless exclamations.  lessee

ohmigosh did you know medhelp, when i use to be a dee jay ... yah i was ... i shoulda stuck with that career my moms was right about that.  but i dint think i was good enuf.  yah who me?  insecure?  naw.  and um ... i was a reel dj not talkin bout spinnin rrecords and mixing dope s**t no ... i was on the radio ... yay mam .... i mean, miss!  very small stations.  one high school then another two i think after that i mean so small like a pinprick ... oh theres meegy ... it was fun tho.  i had graveyard and i dint get paid.  but it was real cool.  anyway my point being that we were drilled so hard about dead air.  yeah dead air was like the ultimate sin like worse than .... idk ... eating sugar.  or soemthing ha ha ha .. and um ... just a joke ... and um ... yinnae lately sence i put kroq on my presets ive noticed those kids kevin and beeen they have a lots of dead air!

yeah.  so im lissinin and like ... "how long do i have to listen to this dead air!!! "  im shouting at myself in the car, but really at kevin and beeen.  then one of em comes on like 'oh, yeah that song is over, it sure is' and i laughed cuz it was a mistake and they was funi about it.  but they ordinarily have a lot of dead air!!! ive noticed.  its like some new gig like your cool if you have dead air and even cooler if you listen to it.  what the fuh????  im not up on this trend.

morning.  i woke feeling rancid as usual.  i had to goto another lawyer Meegys favorite thing to do ... yeah.  and um .. it was down on Wilshire and horrible nbear the other campus of my skule.  so i was right next to work!  but i dint see them and they dint see me i think.  horrors. cept i dig two of the teachers one is real fine and the other is a very amazing person.  so yeah like that.

well, this process!  dam i made this appt when i first learned a the divo and then its like ... its free right?  so i dint know this but you have to wait like a million years to see the ppl and then a million more in there it took FIVE hours yes i said FIVE HOURS.  rilly dog.  and so, i noticed tho its free to everyone there was 90 percent chicks in there.  and it was more advocacy yinnae?  yeah.  like i noticed a lot the chix, some younger little chix and some my age or older was all going thru it in some sorta way.  yes.

one girl, she kept 'mam'ing me, and at first i was like telling myself 'that is just a unnecessary insult.  its rude.  iw ould never call anyone mam not even a 90 year old.  do i really look old enuf to be her mam?"  i was so buggin.  and so then i noticed she called eveyrone mam even the baby chix behind the counter.  oh.  ok.  i dont get to feel old and bad anymore.  oh well.  it was fun while it lasted meegy

and um.  this girl the mam girl was asian sort of cute i guess not cute enuf to call everyone mam and get away with it ill tell you and she was divorcing some latin dude who werent there and her new B*TCH was this tall, skinny blond cropped haired motorcycle butch chik, looked just like David Bowie!!!  far the fuh out!!! they was such a interesting couple i sort of stared but i think they liked it.  you coudl tell they was really stoked on themselves.

anyway i went in to this older like paternal guy and he was like, so into telling me all this stuff i should ask for.  i dont really want to do all the things he said under the guise of community property and im entitled.  i mean i know i am.  but its just alls i want is to be able to get the hell out of there and get some support.  just what i need to make it.  idk.  but it was worth going cuz he told me one form i need to attach when i go to the hearing and he was nice if suuuuper slow at the paperwork i wanted to grab the pen out his hand and stab him with it.  ok not stab him but ...

yeah.  so .. i was driving home like 'why is there so many asian ppl here' and then like 'a duhhhh' its Koreatown.  d you know i worked there for five months not having this dawn on me.  i mean we dint have that many korean students really ... but in the area yes. and they all fasionable skinny attractive ppl it is criminal.  i hate them. so skinny.  awful.

and then it took a while to get back from K-town.  friday traffic from the capital records bldg up to universal ugh  but not that bad actually

OH my grill i forgot to tell you on the way there i stopped at kinkos to make copies of the court file and ... Grayson was there.  I was like 'hi Grayson how you doing' and he went into this big speech about how the store would be closing this loke in march.  i was like 'get the fuh out of town!' he was like 'we are' and it was like NO i mean fed ex kinkos is the second home away from home for me besides star and its within a nice walking distance from my house and i mean

once i was offered a place to rent out and sleep in the back cuz i went there so much and another time i was asked to watch the store while the employee went to the bathoom.  like that.

and so i was so sad like why why why stop them from closing this store Grayson.  he was like yeah.  and then i made my copies, one stuck and he came over to help me though i troubleshoot the machines there myself but he had to get involved and help Meegy and so he did the whole thing for me and then he look at the papers start telling me 'im getting a divorce too'

and we talked for a bit.  he is going thru it!!!! and the thing is he alway seem so happy!  he is the nicest person ON THE PLANET.  ok besides medhelpers.  ok.  and he tell me how it aint mutal when he say this i know its him who still love her but just in case i wasnt sure he tell me how hard its been for him and yinnae we both have similar stories not like im in love with the ac tho i have love for him i supoes yeah but just how nobody really 'gets it' and ppl tell him to just tra la la and fiddle dee dee (he dint use those words) and ... yeah.

so yeah!!!!  far out!!!!! like unreal.

and so then he say oh give me your card and the copy cost eight dollar plus the fuh up cost six dollar grayson say he take off the mistakes from my card but then not only he made the whole thing for me which i couda done mysel but he took back all the money put it all back on my card.  say 'come see us before the store closes'  mm.

oh medhelp i dint get to go running which i verily wanted to i just

went home and yinnae what

i moved alllll my stuffs to my old house my old bedroom

i made a bed on the floor

i unpacked a bunch of boxes

and i was all sad and mad and scared and persecuted like 'why me i am going thru such hardship why do god hate me so much'

then i membered Grayson told me to meditate he does and how its so hard to be cheerful but he does cuz he say know what/  you never know what someone else could be going thru.  he say that CIU!!! yeah!!!!  can u belee???

and i had to get my imitrex at kp and i just put out my mind the other day with my girl V and i just ... you know ... i was standing there all like put upon and angry and all bent and i thought

imagine, Meegy you tied up to a chair your hands bound so you cant cover your ears and you listening over and over again to bad co and reo speedwagon

and i start to laugh

and i just kept thinkin a that

Medhelp i have no more internet at my house.  im at star the ghetto one and im out to go home.  Can you please all think of me sleeping in my floorbed with just me alone in that big old big big house and be like, there with me and make me not scared of robbers and help me sleep good?

ok thank you  i will say prayer for you

honest i will.

muah!!!  i love you.


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