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Decent Nights Sleep

Feb 02, 2013 - 0 comments

Had a decent nights sleep but still got up at 0400 and felt nervous. Thats the anxiety thing. Get up in the morning with anticapatory anxiety.

Painting today, living room. Was just a little stressed when I went out for the paint. This is common when in the A mode. I have flashes of positive thoughts during the day mixed with the anxious ones, Sleep is the key to this condition. If you can rest, it comforts the A mode.

Took Niacin for the second day in a row, 500 mg. Also, did 40 mg of Paxil. No Xanax last night. Will only use that as a last resort. I should think about exercising at some point.

The thing about anxiety is the unsureness you feel during the episode, or should I say following.

Finished painting and setting up the TV. Looks like a new room.

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