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3 days post D&C

Feb 02, 2013 - 6 comments

Well still spotting and bleeding more at night.  Bright red or even pink.  It's not dark red like when I have my af.  It's also weird that I am cramping now and not the last 3 days!

Just wish the bleeding would be done and cramping would go so I can just get bak to normal.

Lots of nausea this morning!  Ugh......I hear its normal to still experience pregnancy symptoms for a while because the hcg level slowly drops

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by mandaszoo, Feb 02, 2013
Oh poor you. Seems so cruel to still have pg symptoms. Hope you are feeling ok and hopefully get back to normal soon.

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by sadiegirl69, Feb 02, 2013
Hi.  I am so sorry you are going through this.  Did you have a D&C procedure?  I have had two (3 actually).  After the first one I felt better immediately.  The hcg level drops dramatically at first..NOT SLOWLY.  I am only telling you this because of what happenned to me with my second D&C.  I started having heavy bleeding at week 6.  My Dr. kept saying I would pass everything.  Well, my symptoms just didn't go away.  I finally went for 2 more hcg's and an ultrasound and lo and behold there was an empty sac.  I had the D&C that day.  Well, over the next couple of days my symptoms still weren't going away.  Actually, they were getting worse.  The nausea and sore nipples were so bad.  I kept telling my husband something wasn't right.  I felt better immediately after my first D&C the year prior.  I finaly convinced my dr. to send me for more blood work.  After another round of measureing my hcg..he called.  The hcg level was still rising.  He sent me for an ultrasound and there was another (or possibly the original) empty sac.  It wasn't "gotten" for lack of a better word..with the first D&C.  I was still pregnant.  I had to go for another one.  He did an ultrasound at the same time he did the D&C that time to be sure he go everything out.  I immediately felt better when I woke up.  I knew this time he had taken care of everything.  If your symptoms persist I would insist on more blood work to watch the levels.  They sould have dropped off dramatically at first.  I believe I went from 95,000 to 1,500 within 48 hours of the last D&C.  Then 2 days later into the hundreds.  Good luck and trust your instincts!!! Keep us posted.


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by Carly1306, Feb 02, 2013
Yeah it can take a while for those hCG levels to drop properly. I was recommended to take a pregnancy test about a week or so after the procedure to make sure it was negative and all the hCG was out of my system.

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by keriwelli, Feb 02, 2013
I went through that recently... There is no easy way to go through that.... Just take care and ask hubby to be extra kind and forgive you to cry for no reasons... The next time will be the right one :)

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by Lynniepooh, Feb 03, 2013
Oh my hubby will cry with me!  

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by dragondreamer, Feb 04, 2013
hun, I just found out since i haven't been on here for a while I m so sorry you have to go tho this, I just hope it will be better next time! Hugs here for you if u need a shoulder

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