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Feb 02, 2013 - 0 comments

like, if you eat a hb egg but its not boiled totally all the way, can you die?  like, get beri beri or something?  golly jeepers  

holy smokes omg no pun intended-- this a good part of being back here in this house for FOUR DAY or whatever time he dont come move in himself, i get to be here alone!!!! oh yay!  i mean at night not so good, last night ok i admit i was a little skeer.  not much!!!  just a lil.  you know i gots muscles!   i can take any foofy ol robber any day!  long as he's under the age of eight

so couple x last nite i herd someone in tha house and yinnae between the contractors the ac and the roomies evryone an they brother gots a key to tha house ... but it was nobody.  just my minajination.

and um. around four it got reeeel cole like coler than j ... but it was ok cuz i got the space heater but i aint turn it on.  the ac say the heater vent need to be bleed or somethin so i dont touch it.  honest i cant really work that new fangled thermostat anyway.  im good at that stuff!  its just broke.  really!  but i like the old one better

dont bother me about nothin i know im old fashion

you no fashion Meegy.  yes i am


yeah i just sittin here on the floor, space heater on, about ten blankets, yay it get cold here in so cali CIU, stop laffin mama ... and uh

the clock radio yes i am an audiophile

much as i can affor

and ...


i forgot to tell you medhelp i also went to a meeting last nite top of everything!!! aint i grand?  yeah.  i went to the Clicky Chick meeting!!!  omg i sure should never go bak.  cuz they aint no convention the mtg was back to normal and yinnae?  theres like five hunnid ppl there!  and guess what ??? 499 of thems is SO COOL and fly looking guess who the misfit is??? yes.  me.  omigoodlord idk where these ppl get they looks and clothes they just oh im not worthy i cant compete ... its like wasteland meets like, ann taylor ... and like beyond hilfiger ... i just cant keep up.  and the hairstyles!!! omg its totally like ... i mean honestly when my hair grows, which is like every millisecond it grows out.  and i dont have the guap to get a haircut so its like. ... when i am standing still i can be in a tri state area with my hair.  im not joking.

and these ppl ... god you can tell they haircuts cost like nine hunnid doller!  they look so gawjus!  its like ... you can feel the money dripping off them its so dirty like ewww pls pass me the anti bacterial right now!

oh god.

anyway oh the speaker?  who?  idk.  he was this gangbanger bald prison guy but kinda young not cute.  so that was  bust.  i hardly paid attn.  oh!  i mean i tried to listen but idk ... it was aite.

then the holding hands part oh god k!!!! oh god!!!!!!!!!!  save me!  so many ppl i was forced to squeeze up between ppl and i never say the third step prayer cuz aint nobody taking my free will is that stupid or what so i look at the floor and i was just i swer squeezing my eyes shut tight and praying it would be OVER cuz i was so close to theez strangers!  ugh! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww soap!  and um ... but i was next to Ruben on one side this oller like homie guy and i like him so that was aite

but yeah.  i left before the bell and talk to no body

good recovery Meegy.  well i tried!

did you notice i have not ONCE mentioned the ... sb?  no offense football ppl iknows a lot of you like it and all due but this girl out

omg i unwrapped my full length mirror they brot that back with the nightstands and in bubble pack i gots games for days and um ... you know mh i aint as fat as i thot all these months.  no i aint skinny but.  i turn this way and that trying to look as fat as im sure i am but idk. its confusing to me but i still look like over a certain age yinnae ladies that one thing ur tummy for me its like wow its still there that so *****

oh well i keep say my body work SO good for me and i abused it bad for a long time

so im lucky

there is tons of clothes in my closet wrapped in dry cleaning bags i dont even recognize that clothes

i just wish we had a bed and a couch and a tv and a fridge and stove and plumming in the kitchen

i still aint able to go in the kitchen.  i was on the fone with my friend last hite hi sugar and um he go you are being so wack just go in the kitchen Meegan and so i did while we was on the fone but i still start to breathe funny and i feel like im suffocating like a big block on my chest so i walk bak out

its aite

i slept aite not grate but yiinnae eight a.m. i hear the anti christ at my door which i locked he call me by name.  he never do that.  and i answer he go 'i left you some money and snacks on the table.' that the only way he know ht show civilty is food and money.  stupid.  ok but can you bring her in front of me sommeore?  oh yeah snacks make up for that a hole.  whatever.  but its nice cuz

i scraped a lil flow last nite to get a case of water and i was out of paper.  so he left me twenty bux yes i can make it last til payday i think and then um ... he left ritz crackers and two boxes them one hunnid calorie cookies i like  amajin that!

meegy sorta feelin aite  yinnae?

i gots simple tastes, baby.

and um

im so excited for going running!

gonna find my new old workout clothes and get going.

happy Saturday medhelp!!!!

mama always told me, (boy) count your blessings!  count em up!
--french montana
(i think)




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