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Concerned Aunt

Feb 02, 2013 - 1 comments

I have been concerned for awhile that my 2 year old niece has been molested by someone within the family. My mother sometimes found rashes when changing her diaper and when my niece would go pee she would say "ow." I really don't know what to do because I do not want to make false accusations but I feel if I don't act upon this, my niece is being abused. I don't want to think about this, however sometimes when my father is playing with her, he gets too "feely" and touches her. Whenever I see this, I get uncomfortable and try to remove her from the situation, but my mom is there and thinks nothing of it. I don't like it when he asks her for kisses or they are playing around, am I being paranoid? Thinking of what could be happening to her makes me very sick. Yet I don't know if someone from my sister-in-law's family is abusing her, such as her father because I don't know how he behaves with her. I definitely know it can't be any of my brothers, especially my brother that is her dad, because they would die before letting anything happen her. As of now, it's between my sister-in-law's father or mine, but I really hope I'm just being paranoid. Because I'm only 16, I feel scared to tell anyone what I think because it can all just be in my head and nothing is really happening to her. She doesn't normally show odd behavior, but I don't think saying "ow" when peeing or having rashes down there is a good sign. Please help I am really confused on what I should do, and am concerned on behalf of my 2 year old niece.

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by jadatwin, Feb 02, 2013
I think you should keep her as close to you as much as possible
Explain to your brother how you feel. Your not blaming anyone your just concerned. Explain to your mom. Sometimes we have to do things to save other people as in maybe talking to her doctor or a counselor. That's good your concerned. Your her voice. God will bless you. Men in this world today are very sick. Children don't deserve to be mistreated. Ever! Innocent children. Put your trust in God ask him to guide you through this. You may be the only one who has common sense. And just pray.

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