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Day 4 of Tapering

Feb 02, 2013 - 3 comments

Been abusing pain killers on and off for years.Tapering off of 150mg/day of Norco which I was taking for 8 months.  I'm 3 weeks out of my last knee surgery.  

Days 1 - 4: Took the leap and holding steady on 60mg/day of Norco
I'm bored. I'm antsy. Having mild withdrawals, not as bad as days 1 and 2. I wish I could go for a walk but my knee wouldn't stand for it. My leg is still bruised to all hell and swollen, but I'm sucking it up.

Next Goal: Switch down to 50mg/day sometime next week — depending my physical therapy sessions and if I can tolerate another taper at that point

End Goal: Within a month or so I want to be off this crap for good and running like Forrest Gump! (or at least able to ride a bike)  

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1801781 tn?1461633069
by littlebit667, Feb 03, 2013
tapering is good.  I have been told a rule of thumb is drop small amounts over 4 or days.  Maybe cut down 1/3 a pill...wait 4 days and do another 1/3.  That is just an example.  Esp. in light of the surgery pain..don't go too fast.  Good luck!

4823849 tn?1373661429
by Miss_Creative, Feb 03, 2013
Thank you!!! I'm going to keep the taper slow now for sure. I like your plan :) Folks on this forum told me my first leap was pretty big. I have definitely been feeling it. I'm seeing my Ortho surgeon tomorrow for my cortisone shot... I'm having anxiety today because my knee is already locking and catching again. I was told if this happens, I might need another surgery. The thought of it makes me ill because I've come this far :( Thank you again for reaching out! Means a lot to me

1801781 tn?1461633069
by littlebit667, Feb 03, 2013
listen to your doc.  You can't heal if you are stressing and hurting.  I hope you can avoid another surgery.  It can complicate detox!   Hope all works out.

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