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Feb 02, 2013 - 1 comments

Dear me,

You are gorgeous, and worth so much..... you may not see it now, but i know you can feel it deep deep down. It may hurt because its so deep.....but its there. That little pinch of hope is there..... just follow it. Everything will be ok in the end. You have so many people who love you and care for you.... Dont cause them grief. You are not useless, as i have heard you say many times are only weak. Find strength.....
I know your scared of failing at life. I know you fear the outside world.....but if you stay strong, you will be ok. Dont seek approval from others to make yourself feel good. If it means anything, I approve of you and i admire you. But i need 'you' to approve of you.

Just make me one promise.......That you wont give up without a fight!!! You are stronger than you think.....believe me. OKAY?? DON'T YOU DARE EVER BREAK THIS PROMISE!!! PROMISE???!!!!


Love me xx :)

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by mishymoshymarcy, Feb 02, 2013
To other half of me,

I thank you for your concern. I wish i could be as positive as you, but as you know, you and I are two completely different people. You love you, but i do not love me....You have hope. You have dreams. You have strength. WHat do i have? Weakness.... a useless life....
Admit it, you were always the beautiful one. The one that never gave up on me.....
If it gives you less worry, i will tell you that i do not have the courage to give up on life yet....I just wish it was alot simpler to be able to.....
I wish i could make the promise, i really do..... but if i do happen to let go, i know your heart will still be among our loved ones.

I will never forget the influence you were on my life. Dont you forget me....okay?

Love me xx

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