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Feb 02, 2013 - 0 comments

you know that monkey Charlotte gave me, its like a car monkey the kind you put on the bumper or inside like clinging to something cuz it have the velcro?  like macklethrop or whatever his name is ... yes ... and um ... well i went next door to get some soup raquel made its like ... idk some caldo maybe but it has seafood?  like that.  its good.  and i was eating it here (yes i carried it in a bowl across the yard and into the new house am i stoopid or what .... yes i did spill it on the doormat) and i got the monkey's arm in the soup!!!!  gj meegy

i unpacked a lot of boxes looking for the heating pad cuz i got that weird shoulder blade pain only bad bad and i cant find it --the hp.  but i did find Tupac, my little pink teddy dog, and i found um Rutherford, another bear.  he's real old i think he has to goto the stuffed aminal convalescent home.

yes, i am spending MY saturday night with stuffed aminals!!!!!


OHmigah i forgot to tell you mh i Made the Appt!!!!! yesterday.  its on feb 19 if i dont forget it or not go but i did write in it my date book and now i have the pleasure of playing that convo in my head ad nauseum.  'well you see i have a problem with and i dont want any more'   um well you see i have a dependency on.  well you see i just i dont want any more!!  but i do.  but i have to say i dont.  omg!!!!!


and ... so yeah i woke up kind funky as usual but it was aite.  you know my house is SO MUCH better than that dum rental and i appreciate oh do i appreciate the bigness (oh yeah baby) of this house .. the bathroom counters are actualy existent, theres a vanity theres a cool neato shower and my room is huge!!!!! yes lets have a party!!! a stuffed aminal party.  god i did so many lines on floor in here omg i will not romanticize ok  i actually found a credit card i used to cut coke with in my dresser drawer ... yeah.

so anyway um ... i can deal with kitchen now just kept going in there slowly desensitize im coolio with it.  and this house is dope it really is its so beautiful and nice and we got all the stuff you need here.  its like a luxurious house like a mansion.  and its all new.  but it doesnt have furniture and appliances.  but i know i have to leave this house, hopefully soon.  gosh.  thats a buzzkill meegy.  i know.



after i woke up and had enough coffee to wire me and my jaw up and shut respectively ... ok dont say it thats not nice ... um i got dressed in some never before seen workout clothes!!! they were new to me!  and they're cool.  and i went running at tha trak.  wow was that cool and yinnae how i stayed away last week well in like one week or something they put in all these weights machines!!!! its like aliens yes rr aliens came and put in these machines in this all new area for ppl to work out it is SO COOL and i love those machines but i was too shy to try them.  so cool

the run was good cuz you know how sometimes you just need a break tho you dont want to take it?  so the first almost three laps was ... yeah ez!!! ez!!!  yes it was so cool.  i mean i am not fast.  im really not.  but i felt like ... i was like just breezing along.  a very good feeling as a runner you owes aim for this yite?  yite.  and so ... the fourth was ok too i think but i know i shouda pushed for five but did not but i did walk one more lap

and then i went home and changed into cords and ... yeah its cold here!!  :p   and i went to like serrania ... its a park like by desoto i think thats what its called.  but on the way there i started to get sik and i felt funky with a  migraine but i kept goin.  i got there and i got to the top of the hill in like record time but i went the wrong way on the trail on this super steep like short trail and within like 40 i was back down in the park with all the People and Dogs.  so yeah

but by that time the mig was like not chilly chill and i wanted to go to the car and so i had to go home :(  ordinarily i woulda hiked a lot longer and i lost that trail anyway. but it was still real pretty cuz kinda overcast here which is like so breathtaking and the sky was all gray and ruffled and like a beauty way to go

but then i got home and like snail paced it thru lesson plans and i was sik .. like .. i know vicky idk where you are hun but you said dont get bak in bed but like i had to.  its really just blankets but its still warm and nice.  and ... i got in bed and like got away from the light and then i tried to get out of bed then i got back in bed again!!! yeah kk so like that

but now i feels ok.  just ... like you said S no tv what do you do with no tv?  well i can think of a few things ...  ;)  sike god!!!  god meegy!!!!  


soooooooooooooo  just eatin caldo and um ... idk can you have seafood caldo or that aint what it called?  what do i know.

but i still have that dope sanda cisneros book gosh i think she is a good influence on my writing cuz she have this like abbreviate story style like i can do that!!! my grad thesis advisor used to say i have to write 25 page stories!  how can you sustain that?  but i have to admit i ben reading her book and its a little boring im sorry kh im sorry i still love you

well im gonna finish eating and um.  just.  yeah.  idk

im listeining to srg.  some rapper guy.

felly fell loves me.

la la!!!!!!!!!!!!


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