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Feb 03, 2013 - 1 comments

hey medhelp sup?  oh yeah i know everyone watching that game ... what do you call it?  im sorry ima offend someone.  ok well its a nice time to be with myself god knows i never get the chance to do that otherwise

you know i do believe this place is big enuf for ... well for everyone, dontcha think?  yeah.  just sayin.  i mean cuz its a place where everyone can just ... you know chillax n stuff ...

hey mr rac

mm hmm

well lessee.  idk what to tell you medhelp.  not all meegy's travails is fit for print.

but ill start here.

The House
OMG medhelp our house SOOOOO rocks!  it is SO MUCH BETTER than the rental.  i know i aredi told u this.  but it bears repeating

The Clothes
I have the best clothes!!!!! wow and they all CLEAN they looks so much better than when Meegy wash them all the colors together!  idk what color anything is anyway especially after i wash it all together a few x.  check it medhelp i have sweaters.  mad sweaters!  sick sweaters!  aint tht grate since now it summer here but thats ok meegy always wear sweaters.  and um .. i got a lots of pants in all diffy sizes!  i got jackets ng!!!! coats!!!!  jeezus!  but i like my jones new york black sally coat ... :)  

i love my clothes.  if i ever whine about 'i have nothing to wear!'  ever again medhelp i give you permission to slap me.  but just once

The Shower
omg!  my friends Lit and his younger bro Mousie made the shower for me ... ooh its so amazing!  no more bumping into things cuz everything so dang small and dropping towels on the floor, sliding on the wet tile ugly floor trying to hotfoot it to the bedroom wrapped in towels trying to get there before someone see you and ohhhhhhhh such a morningmare and um my shower is SO omg SO omg SO dope and cool i just loves it so much and!!!! oooooeeee our bathroom has COUNTER SPACE and TOWEL RACKS

its luxury.

i stood in that shower making noises i did not know i was capable of mainly like 'oohhhh' and 'ummmm' like that i will not go further for OMG what you might think a me!!  :p

and u could actually feel the water not like this little eke of water barely coming out

oh yes.  oh yes medhelp.

so then.

oh gosh.

yinnae i had this like killer mig for now two day!  and alls i really did i got out yesterday and was doing what i liked a short hike, running but today i aint do nuffin.  nope.  i coudent.  and i was so mad.  but i just.  i did a lots of stuff for skule and then ...yinnae i get this thing its a big huge stomik ache and in my back my right shoulder blade the worst.  usually it come with major stress like i think from moving and back in this house and old ptsd and stuff?  yeah.  so .. it been soooooo bad and idk if it connek with the mig or what.

but i gets all bent when these migs last overnight like?  i took too much imitrex and then i just woke up with it im real awfully wiggin out and such.  so i was just in my pjs go next door to get coffee right?  but they no coffee.  and he in the kitchen.

idk should i tell u this.  i hope u dont think bad a me medhelp.  u know all this time he just ben so bad i dont even have a good word to say to him just evil eye but you know i owes wonder why dont he ever come knock on my door and just say like idk something nice?  or even just a update a something.  no he owes have to wait til im in his space and then he is just kind of stupid or mean.  unless one or two x he got fruit and wheat bred for or something?

wellll ... u know im aredi crazy from no coffee, no coffee redi, etc (i mean i do make it at night sometimes but i forgot) and .... i was having a mig!  i was like a zombie.  yes rr i said zombie.  so i was just like, zoning out and like zombie walking around the kitchen like joslting the coffeepot to see if there was any hot coffee in it

he go, 'whats wrong.  you have a migraine.'  i grunted towards him.  he go 'do you want me to make you coffee.'  i grunted again.  i dont want him to.  but i was tripping.  and he go 'do you want me to make you breakfast.  sit down.'  he make french toes, and you know i has to eat it im so hongry and like, headache blasting from hell.  i scarfed the first piece in a millisecond and the second one dont really want it but he just go 'eat your breakfast.'  


i mean im horrid i know.  but we talked later about the House and certain matters.  i told him i thot all the lamps gone and everything stereos tvs etc declare a total loss and he say 'yes' thats true we has to get all new stuff whatever we get the chek from the ins co.  we talk about the selling of the house, he say he wanted to keep it and i told him about that and he was like, clueless it was kind of bad that ... idk i just told him why dint he ever communicate with me thats the number one thing made me so angry and he just dk.  thats the thing about him he so ... i mean w/e

and then he help me from being sick and he say 'you sleeping on the floor there' i say yeah.  he get the inflatable mattress from camping and make it blown up for me and put it in the room and he fix it all with everything nice cuz i aint feeling good.  and he make chicken soup and say oh you need to eat this for lunch just heat up tortillas and thats it.  idk ... idk

he say he give me some money when he gets it.

im confuse medhelp.

but the thing is mh i gots so many good exciting things going on i think this is good and its the right thing im doing!  and i still feels so many things about this reln. that is not good and that prolly could not ever be enny different.

anyways imo he wouldnt even say anything to like ask me if i wanted to consider, but i mean i am not.  im not.  thats the truth.  its been beyond hellish these past few months and he has done so many terrible things.  if i didnt want to leave already, which i did, those things and how he has acted has really affected my opinion of him.  further.

but he was nice today.  very nice.

and after that screaming hot shower (yes i did do the cold thing after rr cuz i thought i was going to pass out from the heat) my shoulder is feeling better, im afraid to say.

ooh law.

so i have a bed, the air mattress, its a lot better than the floor, and between that and the couch next door with like, the soup and in front of the tv (some meg ryan movie with walter matthieu and diane keaton and the girl whos twins from friends ... i love meg ryan i know giltee plezure) meegy lay around more today than is really acceptable in the meegy book of rules ... i feel so guilty ... but for the first time all day i feel aite in my head and shoulder so ... idk man

ciu i cannot wait to see what it is!!!!!  please tell me!!! pleeez!!!!  u are so good to me honey

OH check it i almost forgot to tell you .... i put on some old jeans i found thats new to me now and so clean and like , pressed jeans, you know k like you owes have to iron everything?  oh yeah la plancha .. im not so good at that ... and um ... i found this shirt my stepson wore a few years back its those dope tee shirts like double shirts, one with long sleeves one short but its all the same shirt?  i love these shirts.  they tight on your arm and come down to almost your wrist and gots some writing on the sleeve like some logo ...

so i was wearin that i gots to admit i looked pretty fly.  yeah.  and when we was on the porch talking he go 'did you lose weight"  and what do you always say to that question lay deez?  'yeah, a little i guess'  and i could see like, chuletas de puerco, enchiliadas, sopa, sopes omg dancing in his mind like NO i am not eating all that stuff dont even think of it!  but still it was pretty cool

well.  all this moving and house stuff gots Meegy tired.  like emotinellee drain.  but its all good.  i just ... i mean .. oh gosh.  it seems so exhuasting thinking of moving again and i applied to another room today and its just.  i mean i know kk one day at a time right man?  so i gots to just take the steps i need to take and keep doing it.   i gots to get to more meetings too.  i really need it.  can you belee i amost used the other day?  crazy s**t.  i want a year too.  

well i better go before i say something i really regret.  bear with me medhelp.  this a hard journey and im just doin my best.

yes it is six thirty and i swear i feel like going to sleep.  i dint say i would! i just.  gah.

goodnight medhelp.

oh i mean good evening!

oh hey kendrick has a new song out!  yeah.

and didja hear that tyga song?  i heard it back a while in power big boy had it.  i likes it!  tyga is so fly.  omg.  he likes thick wimmins what else do you have to say about that boy?  oh yeah.

i wasnt gonna tell you this but i feel like id be a real scrooge if i dont:

I hope your team win!!!

ok!  there!  god.

i spent years watching that stuff under extreme duress and this the first year im out on visitation ... so cut me some slack

ah ighty


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