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Feb 06, 2013 - 6 comments

So I think I am going to seek some counseling to deal better with my loss.  Physically I feel fine and mentally I feel fine.  I just seem to be mad and then sad all the time.  Maybe my hormones are still out of wack!  But my hubby thinks its a good idea and who knows it may help!

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1527510 tn?1392304944
by Carly1306, Feb 06, 2013
You're still very early on from your miscarriage, and so it's all still raw so it's no wonder that you're feeling that way. Counselling is always helpful, but don't underestimate how strong you are as a person and think you shouldn't be feeling like this because you should. To be honest, I'd be more concerned if you weren't feeling like this right now.

It's been a year since my miscarriage and I still have days where I get sad and mad about it - it never goes away truly. Well for me it hasn't anyway.

1655673 tn?1362082651
by Dreamsdocometrue2011, Feb 06, 2013
Hey my lovely, i know how you feel! i only went back to work on sunday just gone after having 3 weeks off after MC. Like you i feel fine and whenever someone asks me "How are you" with the sympathetic head tilt lol and like a robot you say "i'm fine" but deep down your screaming as loud as you can and not one person can hear you!. i was so worried about going back to work ive to changed my role at work so i don't see or have to speak to customers!!! how stupid is that but i spose i'ts my way of coping, my boss has been amazing. And i do think you talking to someone would help you, personally i couldn't do that i just rant to my best friend lol who's been through it herself too and i have a wonderful husband  who always helps me with his graceful words and i sometimes forget he hurts too.

I really do hope you find some peaces and your heart heals soon.

Love and light X

M x

1351078 tn?1416316746
by retta483, Feb 06, 2013
its been 2 yrs from my 1st and one from my secound :( and im still bothered by it . I have days where im ok and others im extremly pist about it . ppl in my fam get preggo quick . i think it would be good to talk about your feelings i still felt pregnant after my first loss for a month or two until i started cycling again i diddent have a period after my dnc for like 2 months . GL hope you get preggo again fast . i think that will help heal from your loss

1434731 tn?1382725984
by Lynniepooh, Feb 06, 2013
Thank you all for the kind words!  We are ready to try agin just need the green light from the dr.  But at the same time we are scared this will happen again.  It's all so overwhelming and confusing.   It's kinda like do we just push passed the fear and go for it?

982214 tn?1471458381
by krichar, Feb 06, 2013
I went for counseling before my transfer that gave me my sweet boy. I was so scared after 2 previous losses (one at 11/12 wks). I got my head in a good place, It was nice to just get everything out without holding back. No worry of hurting feelings or judgement..... I think it really helped me :)

1386655 tn?1452100656
by journey2motherhood, Feb 09, 2013
I'm so sorry I just read this now.  I think its a good idea, what ever can help you, do it! I think it will help :-)  

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