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Feb 06, 2013 - 0 comments

Where to start. In 2011 I was having some extreme pain. In some of the scans they found swollen lymph nodes. They say lymph nodes don't hurt well it seems mine do. On top of that in early Jan 2012 we went to Un of Colorado in Aurora. When they did the USE they found a 17x18mm mass near the porta heptus of the liver. The attending Dr said when he looked at it with the ultra sound he thought it was cancer. They did FNA of the mass. The path report was incomplete but it was found to be dead cancer cells. It is just an annomly could be from the chemo that killed the cells.
I still have severe pain in my right side rib cage area and was told with the type of SOD I have surgery of an ERCP may not help. I went to the Dr today and am to have a CBC panel done because I have some bruising under my left arm. I also got a script for 5 extra 50mcgs of fentanyl every other month. Sometimes the effects want to seem to wear off after 48 hours.
I don't know it depends on how the blood work turns out if something indicates a problem then maybe make an apt in Denver again. My local PC  is good as my pain management Dr and I get an allotted amount of pain meds per month. Just hope everyone here is doing well and I am glad to be back.

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