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Mar 18, 2008 - 0 comments

Checking back in to comment on post treatment issues.  I am approaching the two year post treatment mark which is quite unbelievable.  Still SVR.  Still working through some issues that started with treatment.   For the good news, the upper back pain has left the building.  Along with it went the buzzing and dizziness.  That took a good 18 months to get over.  My blood pressure is still high but controlled with meds - Norvasc - which brought its own issues and sides.  Just switch over to Altace to see if headaches and mouth problems improve. I continue with my dieting having lost 80 pounds over the last year.   That has helped a lot.   My mood has improved a bit but still feel like I am recovering from the trauma that is treatment.  In my review of the discussions, I have been most intrigued by the comments regarding the pituitary gland and the effect of treatment on it.  It seems like the symptoms that most folks are having post tx could be as an effect of damage to this gland.  I too have low testosterone, lower sex drive, ed, metabolic issues and the like.  I am thinking about getting tested for the IGF-1 to see if this is the culprit.  It seems logical.  It would be nice to find the source of the problems rather than running around trying to address the symptoms with more drugs that have their own sides.  It is easy to get lost in that struggle and simply throw up your hands and say - well this is good enough for me and better than the alternative and besides it will get better eventually.  I am close to that.  

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