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I need help

Mar 03, 2009 - 7 comments





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need help





I am addicted to Hydrocodone. There- I said it. I have never been so ashamed. I have put my family in debt and myself in danger- I need to stop this foolishness. I would quit- but I am scared- I am scared of withdrawal. I know in my heart that it is not going to be as bad as I am making it out to be in my head. I intend to start tapering. I have started yesterday with a slow taper- I just need the strength to follow through with this plan. I have been reading about Neurocet/Neurofen and Baclofen- has anyone tried these in combination or by themselves to prevent withdrawal symptoms?  How bad is withdrawal and how long does it last? I have a very active 4 year old daughter and I want to get "clean" for her- but I don't want to be incapacitated for a week while I am withdrawing. I know there is no "easy" fix- but what is the best way to do this? Cold Turkey? Taper? Baclofen? Neurocet? I will try whatever- I can do this. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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by jenmarie410, Mar 05, 2009
I think if you taper down a half of a pill every 4 days...that is supposed to help. I know it doesn't seem like a fast taper, but it's going to be a lot easier on you than cold turkey... good luck...

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by Coldcobra, Jun 04, 2009
  I myself have and still am addicted to hydrocodone. Honestly alot of it is knowing you are coming off of it and then the anxiety starts which can make it worse......  If you've been using a long time it will be harder. I shattered my wrist and have been addicted for 2 years. I was taking 1000mg every five days. Alot of it  is psychological. If you go into it with an optimistic attitude it can be easier, but i won't lie, Opiates (even synthetic) will teach you a lesson either way -  it can take anywhere from from 2 weeks to 2-3 months depending on your condition to get clear headed.
24 to 72 hrs should get it out of your system (toxicity wise)

You might want to try Kratom - you can find it at online headshops.  If that doesn't help and you think you are really going to have a very hard time and you need help go to Methadone and taper with that.

~just my opinion - but i hope it helps you.~

Believing in yourself will get you through it.


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by garyjw, Jun 15, 2009
u don't mention why you are taking or pain? I've not heard of neurocet -- so I can not comment on that. However, there IS a drug FOR withdrawal from opiates -- that's ends withdrawal almost immediatley, and allows you to skip the post acute withdrawal period, which in all honesty, can last up to 16 mo, with the amount you were taking... I would NOT do methadone for a hyrdo habit. That's like a really bad idea as a first drug treatment.because Meth is SO SO much stronger and addictive, and you it's such a hassle and franlky, most people I know who have gottten on it, - including me -- never are able to get off, so they are MORE addicted than they ever were, and they have to go to a clinic each da and stand in line....forever....

RESEARCH A DRUG CALLED SUBOXONE -- It's fairly new and hailed by some drug abuse experts as an exciting and encouraging new way of getting opiate addicts clean with the minimal amount of pain -- plus, the news is good for some peopl ein their ability to get off opiates and stay off.

Suboxone is where I'd go -- though it's a very complicated drug and only docs who have gone through a seminar can rx it because iti's tricky -- Do it right, and it's a wonder drug -- do it WRONG and you'll be the sorriest -- and sickest -- addict in the world.
's takes away w/d, makes you feel like you are well. it's addicting too, but you can just use it for detox unless you want to take it longer.

Do not take this drug with out a dr's supervision.

There are many strange things about this drug that can be dangerous --

the first being that if you take it WHILE you are NOT in W/D -- moderate -- you WILL go into the worst w/d of your life -- called precipiated W/D/ because suboxone is so strong it just comes in and latches onto the opiate recepotrs and all the hyrdo is pushed out and this will call really bad w/d, BUT -- if you are IN W/D already --not TOTALLY, but at least a day into it for hyrdo and short acting drugs..... it will take it away immediately -- but it's a fine line.  DO NOT TAKE WITH OUT DIRECTIONS FROM A DOCTOR.....

Good luck -- drug addiction sucks -- I've been on and off for 30 years. ...

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by jrmd, Jul 25, 2009
You should definitely try Neurocet-it is a great for withdrawals and your pain.
Go to they are the ones who researched and developed

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by mykk, May 27, 2010
I was up to 40mg a day of hydrocodone. I have a 6yo and 2 and 1/2 yo and a wonderful husband. I quit cold turkey for them. The only side effects that i had were "grieving" for the med. Don't be scared. I've never heard of neurocet. I am a nurse and so is my husband and we've just started researcing it. I seem to have a low pain threshold, been that way all my life, but I truley believe now that it's all mind over matter. Good luck to you. Hang in there.

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by blendedfive, Oct 21, 2012
Hi I'm brenda I am trying also to find a way to stop pain meds.I am on 60mg of roxicodone 4 times a day for a number of painful problems.some days I take more because it don't alwayse help,so I run out befor I can get a refill.I know withdral all to well and am so tired of facing it.

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by UseYerBrain, Jun 23, 2016
Hello warrior, I know this is old, but if you're still struggling-  Let me help. I am an opioid tolerant/dependent pain patient who spent YEARS on high doses of MS Contin (a controlled release morphine) to deal with severe debilitating pain after 4 spine surgeries left me with a non-fusion, an unstable spine, bone pressing on my spinal chord...and just so much more ****, I don't even want to go into it. Due to all the strict laws, I met such resistance when I moved to Florida that I got totally fed up and was tired of the stigma and lack of understanding. I decided to try Subutex (it's used for addiction but is supposed to have pain managing qualities). My GREATEST fear, however, was the withdrawal...even more so than the pain returning!!! Subutex made the physical withdrawals almost non-existant. It was so much more tolerable than I ever imagined. Unfortunately, now I'm living with uncontrolled pain again, and had to go back on the MS Contin...but a lower dose is more effective now because the Subutex reset my it was still worth the misery lol. Please, if you're ready (and you seem to be) to acknowledge you have an addiction, but really want to get off....look into a Subutex doctor. It can be done at home, you don't have to go long as you're psychologically committed to this. There will come a time that you'll need to work off the subutex...but it will be easier and you're mind won't be as attached to it, because it's not giving you that high you want, only keeping you from getting sick. You will literally get through the withdrawal in a few days! Think of the life waiting on the other side for you. Keep your family in the loop, you'll need their love and support. Best of luck to you, no matter which solution you choose!  (Btw, neurocet is supposed to be a natural way to increase the body's endorphins, but I have no knowledge of its success).

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