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Low potassium and no diuretics

Mar 04, 2009 - 6 comments

This all started with my potassium being low and being hypoglycemic.  The endo doctor took me off all diuretics so that i could take the renin and aldesterone tests.

Does the potassium have anything to do with the thyroid and why did the endo take me off all diuretics to take the two tests.  Doesn't he realise that my body would retaing the water and the result of edema?  Just wondering?

Now,I have gained about 3 pounds since my doctor took me off all diuretics and may have possible congestive heart failure.  I posted last week about diuretics and i took the advise, but when i went to the doctor on thursday, i had gained the weight.

I am still full of fluid and the darn stuff wont go away.  I have to see the cardiologist on this thursday regarding CHF, low potassium and when I can go back on the diuretics.
I don't want to have to deal with another diagnosis.

Right now I am dealing with:
Low potassium
TED (possibly)
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) possibly==won't know until i see the cardiologist on thursday.

Can someone tell me if all this is related.
BTW i am on lexapro and is being told that it is part of the reason for my 80 pound weight gain

I pray that CHF is not the case but I will keep you posted.

Albuterol inhaler
Allergy shots
Diovan       320 mg
Klor-con    10 mg
Lexapro    10 mg
Synthroid  112mcg
Singulair   10 mg
Xanax       0.5 mg prn
Zyrtec       10 mg
Zantac      150

Meds recently taken off:
Advair    100/50 mg
Atenelol   50 mg
Diovan HCT   320/25 mg
Hydrochlorothiazide  25 mg

I am sick and tired of this entire thing and I just don't know which way to turn.  Everytime I turn around i'm being sent to another doctor and no one seems to understand what I'm going through.  They just tell me that I need to lose weight and everything will be ok.

Thank for all that you do and your listening.


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by Cherie762, Mar 04, 2009
interesting...I have hypothyrodism and the past two times I went to er for complications from a unrelated operation ( hemmoroidectomy) my potassium was low...they immediatley gave me two potassium pills ...each time I had beeen ill was dehydrated...I know low potassium can damage the heart nothing to mess of late there seems to be growming evidince that vitamin d is related to thyroid so who knows...its good your off the norco and soma..those tow are both addicting and lots of side effects..celebrex too is currently being investingated along with naproxen for side effects of increased heart./stroke becomes difficult to know what is safe...your synthroid dose seems a bit odd mines 100mcg didnt know they broke it into 12s  must be 12 then 125 for incriments. I have gained about 40 lbs since diagnosed with hypothyroid 9 years ago,,plus a medically induced menopause didnt help....anyways good luck if you find out anything interesting about the potassium being linked to hypo please let me know...Cherie

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by karenwest1961, Nov 06, 2009
I too am hypothyroid, newly diagnosed...and now have a-fib.  I've had two major a-fib attacks and pray never to have another one now that I'm on meds for the arrythmia.  It could be because of the thyroid or my low potassium level.  I was on Klor-Con until my potassium level got back up to a 3.6.  (the low end of normal).  
I was on Lexapro for 5 years.  I'm now off of it now, per my cardiologist....and now exercise to relieve anxiety.  I have lost most of the weight I gained while on Lexapro.  

I just learned of Abilify affecting potassium levels.  Wondering if Lexapro can be a culprit too, since I was on this med for so many years and began having the problems while on that med alone.   Maybe some more testing needs to be done on some of the long term effects of antidepressants.  

Just a thought.

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by rgbird55, Jul 10, 2014
You sound like a carbon copy of my 57-yr-old husband - more and more and more prescriptions, for just about the same conditions.  After a little independent research, we decided these were all conditions related to inflammation.  He ended up at the ER due to atrial fib and they ALSO told him that he probably had CHF, plus he had such severe edema in his legs that they said he had chronic venous insufficiency too - (he had vein ablation in one leg, but we didn't do the other one because improvement was minimal).  And  chronic inflammation is generally associated with your immune system, because that is the response your body creates when something is irritating it. And where is your immune system mostly located?... IN YOUR INTESTINES!  In my husband's case we realized that his oldest sister died in 1973 at the age of 33 from ulcerative colitis, so we reasoned that perhaps he was "gluten sensitive," even though he had ZERO intestinal symptoms that you would normally think related to consumption of grain.  We ordered a DIY kit from in Texas and discovered that genetically he has 2 alleles (that's DNA talk) positive for gluten sensitivity.  To make a long story shorter, he removed grain, dairy, soy, and corn (basically the "Paleo" or "Primal" lifestyle)  from his diet for the last 5 months, and he's lost 57 lbs (he started at 6'7" and 329 lbs), he's COMPLETELY off ALL allergy and asthma medications (2 inhalers and Zyrtec), one blood pressure med has been eliminated (still on Diovan and Cartia) and his Lexapro is a thing of the past as well. His BP is better controlled now than it's EVER been, even 35 years ago when he was young, strong, and fit - and took NO BP meds, but was "borderline" at 140/90.  Also, NO EDEMA - he actually has defined feet, ankles, and calves now... and NO CHF.  So, TAKE CONTROL and realize that conventional "allopathic" medical practitioners will do NOTHING but "manage" your ever-deteriorating condition, and you will be pretty miserable for your remaining years!  HEAL YOUR GUT and start LIVING again.  Here's a few websites we've found helpful: -  Oh, and STOP thinking you could never get along without bread and pasta, because we do, and the both of us were about the biggest whole grain eaters around - after all, we THOUGHT it was healthy! We have not binged even ONCE, and neither one of us has ever had good will power....the CRAVINGS just are NOT THERE, and the recipes and cooking are really basic and not particularly time-consuming.  JUST DO IT......most disease processes are inflammatory in origin, and depending on your unique genetic makeup, you will develop different disease conditions - even autoimmune responses like Rheumatoid Arthritis and MS.  I TRULY hope this's hard for me to express to you the happy, positive outlook we now have in thinking about actually ENJOYING the future!!!

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by Rebeccat77, Dec 16, 2014
I've been in the same boat many of you are describing, including restricted breathing, wheezing, anxiety, hypo-thyroidism, hot flashes, (I'm in my 30s!), swollen lymph nodes, double vision & blurred vision, syncope, cardiomyopathy, tachycardia, wrongly diagnosed with a neurological disorder (intercostal neuralgia) with a SPINAL CORD STIMULATOR implanted in my spine 12/31/12 & multitudes of skin disorders... I hope my answer is something that can help you.
I woke up every day thinking "this is NOT my body, this is not how I'm supposed to live"....
In July 2014, after many-many years of praying for relief, for healing, my GI Dr thought there might be something wrong with my gallbladder, he did a bunch of tests, all normal... I ate dinner one night & had horrendous pain in my stomach I hadn't had, he told me to go to the ER, this was July 3, 14.
They ran more tests, sedated me, called in the surgeon & he said because they had sedated me we would have to wait & HE WAS OFF FOR THE HOLIDAY... I was to stay in the hospital & wait... & wait... And wait some more... First day I was allowed liquids & I just wanted to go home, so I begged, they said I could if I would come back the next Monday to have my gallbladder removed & IF I STAYED ON CLEAR LIQUIDS ONLY! No solids, if I can't see through it, don't eat it... So I went home... Came back Tuesday & Mr Happy July 4th Holiday removed my gallbladder... I woke up in A LOT of pain in the recovery room, but for the FIRST TIME IN 5 YEARS, ZERO BACK PAIN! I couldn't contain myself, as soon as they put me in a room I begged to go walk around, they had my husband stay with me... All was amazing, UNTIL I BEGAN EATING & Taking all my meds again... It all came back & with a vengeance! The back pain, my heart rate, my double vision...
And do you know what it is that was killing me?!!
YELLOW DYE IN NEARLY 85% of my MANY-Many medications...
It can take a person a very wide range of time to react visibly to a food allergy, some 30 minutes, sometimes a full day or longer, why it is so often missed and misdiagnosed.
I am completely off yellow dye, I have asked all of my Dr's to switch my meds to white or clear/DYE free meds & I have ZERO back pain, my tachycardia is non-existent, my thyroid is freaking out a little, they've had to lower my dose from 112 mcg of Synthroid (which is full of dyes and lactose) to 50mcg of Tirosint (all doses are dye free, lactose free, color coding is on the box only)
Tartrazine is a horrific excuse for an edible or digestible dye in FD&C or Lake, including those with Iron Oxide as the colorant...
PLEASE-PLEASE Stop poisoning yourselves, my Dr's are ALL completely dumbfounded, my RHR before on yellow dye 109... On a good day, bad days were 140, I'm not terribly overweight either!!, I have 15 lbs I could lose, and since I've gotten all this out have been losing left & right... My RHR today, zero heart meds, 67 bpm.
I had that spinal cord stimulator taken out last month. I have an amazing allergist/ immunologist creating tests to test me for every possible thing we can think of, so far.... YELLOW DYE & YELLOW LAKE - we had to get from the manufacturer as off the shelf it contains preservatives & the sample had to be pure. He tracked my HR during & just 1/2 hour later my HR doubled. My cardiologist says it's crazy, she's never seen anything like it & is so excited we're finding answers!

Xanax XR / Alprazolam CR all doses 1mg & over contain - yup, you guessed it, YELLOW DYE. If you need it, ask your Dr to cut your dose to 0.5mg (only white available) & double up to make 1mgs, or however many you need to multiply to get to your dose... You likely won't need it if you exclude all yellow dyes from your diet, including ALL your meds.

Many manufacturers are NOT REPORTING this dye in their ingredients- making this worse, they are required to list in the US if the dye equates to over 200ppm (parts per million) - THEY ARENT & NO ONE IS FORCING THEM TO.

Lays potato chips - yes YOU!
Mount Olive Jalapeños - and YOU!

Please stop, read every label, get it out of your pantry & out of your medicine cabinets... When you react to something, write it down & exclude it from your diet. YELLOW DYE/ TARTRAZINE is killing many of us & we didn't even know it.

Singular & it's generic has caramel dye for 10mg, Red Lake for 5mg, I'm also allergic to caramel dye, but not as severely.
Singulair has NO ALTERNATIVE dose that has no dye but the granules made for small children. I stopped taking it, I don't need it anymore. Unfortunately that may not be the case for many of you & it has relatively zero competition in that drug class, treating both asthma and allergy (humph - while causing the allergies themselves with the dyes)
Your prescription plan probably will NOT cover the volume of packets to get you to 10mg... Call the manufacturer to question it if you believe that may be your issue.

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by Rebeccat77, Dec 16, 2014
Oh & the swelling, I forgot the swelling... I lost an inch & a half OFF MY NECK in a month! Again, I'm in my 30s & I weigh 167lbs, should weigh 145... 15/18 lbs I could lose... I even noticed swelling that went away in my ear canal!?!
I use ear plugs sometimes, I swim, I had a hard time getting them in, now they fall in...
I wish you all the best of luck & hope that I was somewhat helpful.
As I said, my Doctors looked at me cross eyed until I showed them results, I had a heart tracker watch & downloaded it's data religiously looking for improvement & my case was mostly prayer, and belief that that was NOT how The Lord had my life planned out, so He gave me the nudges to dig in & look at everything & FIND THE COMMON, which was Yellow Dye & Yellow Lake.

God Bless & Merry Christmas

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by SKB2007, Apr 24, 2019
Wow, after 20 years of hashimotos/hypothyroid I think I may have a lead! I know it’s the inflammation but I dont know what’s causing it. The stories above just fell in alignment with my experience so I thank you all profusely. At 45 last year I had two rare strokes due to a dissected left artery in the back of my neck. I noticed while in recovery just 24 hours after strokes my eyebrows were growing back and despite so many deficits I was experiencing my answer to the team was “I feel great” in a really odd way I can’t explain...a sense of freedom and relaxation. I couldn’t eat (due to some paralization in my throat) for days. Upon leaving recovery I told every doctor I met about my eyebrows growing back (thyroiditus causes loss of outer brows) but they said it’s just a fluke thing. Now I see it! It was because I wasn’t eating!!! Something in my food is making me sick and it may be that yellow dye. I have a lead folks! Very grateful!

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