Prescrip. Vit. D - Does Insurance Cover Yours?

Mar 04, 2009 - 9 comments

Vitamin D


prescription vitamin d

Just curious --- my insurance won't cover my prescription Vit D tablets.  They are needed for a severe Vit D defficiency which I just had a bloodtest at the one month mark hoping it elevates .. 4 weeks ago it was 9.4 .. normal is 32-100.

For those who have taken or take presription Vit D .. the ones that are time released and taken usually 1X week, does your insurance cover them?  Mine is 50,000 IU's

Luckily, they aren't too expensive.


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by Cherie762, Mar 04, 2009
wow thats really low is it so low because of a side effect of your illness?  do you drink milk?  I dont know anyone who takes prescription potassiums been low twice at er visits and they immediatley give me two potassium did cover ,,,it was because of being dehydrated.....low potassium can damage your heart.....

about vitamin d of course ya get it from sun...I wonder if you get it from your picture of standing in the sun...looks good..right now in MI it is chilly still.

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by jimi1822, Mar 04, 2009
Hi :o) I'm jimi,

              Check to see if the Dr's giving you vitaminD2 (ergocalciferol) or vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) D3 has shown to be
              much more effective in clinical studies in raising your levels.



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by Halley, Mar 04, 2009
I also take 50000 units a day for 2 months then reduce to 1000 a day.  No, my insurance does not cover.  I am glad they are not real expensive.  They do cover my B12 shots and Boniva IV.  The Boniva and Iron Iv's are real expensive.  Hope you feel better soon!          Halley

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by MSKshelly, Mar 04, 2009
The reason the D is low is because those of us with MSK have a defect in the kidneys that does not metabolize it correctly even from the sun.  Mine was 14 and must be low from the reaction of my GP, I can't tell you if it was covered
I have no insurance but it was cheap.

MY Pharmacist did tell me to take Fish OIl with it it helps with absorption


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by ChitChatNine, Mar 05, 2009
Thanks everybody .. really good info and thanks MSKShelly for the explanation of the Vit D and the MSK.   The fish oil I've heard is beneficial .. am going to see the first go-around on the #'s from the labs and maybe add that if it's not absorbing well .... as far as tanning that's not an option for me because of a melanoma that was removed 2yrs ago -- if antyhing they *think* that maybe i"m getting less sun because of more suntan lotion on larger areas of the body in a higher SPF than used before the mole was found and removed.    


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by Loribop, Mar 05, 2009
Hi, I'm Lori.  Check out this link:

I love this video about Vitamin D.  It explains a lot and uses humor.  I was given 50,000 IU per week for a Vit D 0f 15.  My nutritionist said that the prescription is D2 and I need D3 (as my husband Jimi wrote earlier)  She has me on Carlson D Drops, 2000 mg, 5X per day until  I get tested again.  She also recommended going tanning on lowest bed with UVB light for 3 minutes.  I think it takes months to get D levels back up.

Good luck,

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by sapphire222, Mar 05, 2009
you can get vit d with calcium right over the counter

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by Heather3418, Mar 05, 2009
Doesn't milk have Vitamin D added?  I know that it wouldn't be in the quantity that you need to bring your levels up, but it's a thought.  I have also seen Orange Juice on the grocery shelves that have Vit. D added, along with alot of other processed foods.  While you probably already know this, I have included a list of foods where you can get Vitamin D naturally.

Cod Liver Oil, 1 Tbs. (1,360 IU)
Salmon, cooked, 31/2 oz (360 IU)
Mackerel, cooked, 3 1/2 oz (345 IU)  
Sardines, canned in oil, drained,3 1/2 oz (270 IU)
Eel, cooked, 3 1/2 oz (200 IU)  
Milk, nonfat, reduced fat, and whole, vitamin D fortified, 1 c (98 IU)
Margarine, fortified, 1 Tbs. (60 IU)
Cereal grain bars, fortified w/ 10% of the DV, 1 each (50 IU)
Pudding, 1/2 c prepared from mix and made with vitamin D fortified milk (50 IU)
Dry cereal, Vit D fortified w/10%* of DV, 3/4 c (40-50 IU) [10]
* Other cereals may be fortified with more or less vitamin D
Liver, beef, cooked, 3 1/2 oz (30 IU)
Egg, 1 whole (vitamin D is present in the yolk) (25 IU)

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by ChitChatNine, Mar 05, 2009
Thanks for the food list -- actually, we wanted to get those foods into the Health Pages, so thanks!

Also the video -- will go and take a look at it!

On the OTC Vit D with Calcium -- I have history of calcium oxalate kidney stones so cannot take any added calcium at all unless clinically needed.  My calcium already is "high normal" so they are watching the production of it.  My thyroid problems do not invovle the parathryoids so this is good news on Vit D and Calcium production levels being connected with the Vit D.

I drink Milk with added D and the OJ with D and all that good stuff with D in it except some of those foods which probably are the highest I'm not so sure I can ingest (liver, sardines).  hmmmmm


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