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3 weeks off hell from a femoral hernia repair!

Feb 09, 2013 - 1 comments

Well I had 2 hernias repaired, umbilical & femoral both on the same day, 2/3 days after I was walking around feeling much better, day 5 I noticed the hard lump round my frmoral repair was getting bigger but thought its no where to swell like my belly so brushed it aside. Day 7 pain getting worse how could this b, the cut looks clean no redness just a swollen lump underneath I was struggling to sit up & walk something not right. Day 8 at the night time I was exhausted felt sick not feeling very well now & burning sensation round my hip now, thought a good night sleep then contact hospital where I had my surgery in the morning. They said they can't contact my surgeon & told me to see my doctor (waited 5 hours to b told this) then my doctor said it may b a bless & gave me antibiotics just in case but if worsens go straight to A&E. that night we went to A&E was sent to surgical assessment (not same hospital as my op) got put on IV antibiotics & waited to see surgeon, it was him who did my op! He sent me home with more antibiotics said I had cellulitis (strap infection) & booked me in to where I had op done in 4 days time (private hospital) I was gutted as still in agony. Day 10 (Friday) my lower abdomen & lady lips were so swollen it looked like I had 2 huge dangly balls my leg was doubled in size & bright pink . Woke up at 3 am crying my eyes out Saturday morning & called for ambulance as I couldn't walk yet they made me walk to ambulance. Got morphene in A&E finally something that took the pain away. Doctor saw me at 09:30 am & said I will need a scan but have to wait till Monday & put me on 2 lots if IV antibiotics & plenty of pain relief & got them to check my blood results. Sunday came infection spreading I was placed on 3 types of antibiotics & still no stopping cellulitis from spreading. Monday (2weeks after my op) all I could do was cry had a lump in my groin size & shape of a mini rugby ball. Had my scan which was so painful I was sobbing my heart out (after she had done I apologised for crying she said she didn't blaim me with what I had) grade 4 abscess filled with puss! Operation to drain it & had to have it left open to be packed & cleaned. One of the nurses didn't clean my wound let the packing touch my leg & stuck it in with scissors from her pouch Ffs. Room next to me in hospital has MRSA (get me out of here! Day 18 was finally let home with co-amoxiclax (augmentin) 625mg. Day 20 I'm hoping this thing isn't getting infected. Abscess appears to b reducing sweet! However inside wound don't look so swell padding & packing looks different & packing is disintegrating I hope to god this is not re infected! Well that's story so far :-/

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by Twinkle1978, Feb 13, 2013
God when will this all fecking end! the hospital only managed to leave sodden wet disintegrated packing in my wound which the district nurses couldnt remove, my wound has been burning. day 3 at home i managed to get the packing out at last! Noticed a small lump growing off the old abscess oh no :(
Lovely after being home nearly a week & on antibiotics I have now another abscess groing off the old abscess (never knew that was possible :-/ yet another corse of 4gen antibiotics arrgghhhh! I want my life back to normal

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