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Ready (vent)

Feb 10, 2013 - 3 comments






So, I am 3 days away for being in the single digits. But, I have been completely ready since last week to end this pregnancy journey. Physically my body is exhausted from all the contracting, sleepless nights even with the help of prescription sleeping medication. I'm to the point were getting out of the bed is a hard ridden task: I can feel every muscle and tension ache within my stomach and uterus just pull and its agonizing just to stand up normal. I know she's better of still cooking but I'm scared right now that when it does become time I will not have the strength to push or handle the more intense contractions. I'm just happy that I do not have much longer even if she's waits until due date or past its still litterally within a weeks or two grasp. 12 days to go untill d day

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2863077 tn?1436674389
by Des92, Feb 10, 2013
I'm sorry these last few days are rough for you.  I am so sleep deprived it isn't funny, and my "down stairs" (tmi sorry) hurt like crazy!  If i were you, I would be BEGGING to get induced.  I hope it gets better for you!

2149304 tn?1447814562
by PurpleLush07, Feb 10, 2013
This Monday I will. Last Monday I just hinted but I seriously cannot do this ne more. And I remeber the feeling from having mer I couldn't pee without using a waterbottle that had warm water in it it sucked...

1351078 tn?1416316746
by retta483, Feb 10, 2013
poor thing they should induce you ! Sounds like it won't be long though . hang in there its almost over :)

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