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help please !!

Feb 11, 2013 - 2 comments

i normally get my period at the beginning of every month or end of the month i just got off of the implanon in October and i had it for the full 3 years the whole time i didn't have a period but a few weeks later in November i finally got it back my periods are for 5 days 6 days at most in December my period came one the 2nd then again on the 27th i Ben having unprotected sex , with my husband intentionally we are ttc have Ben sense be for i even got the  implanon removed well the past few days we Ben trying sense feb 1 we have done it every other day or every 3 days well today i went to go pee and i wiped myself and had little tiny tiny specks of bright pink blood on it and im having a lot of clear discharge im not expected to get my period. until the end of the month

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by happinessbreaks, Feb 12, 2013
Your uterus is now getting use to having periods again and your cycles are changing.. This is completely normal.. My whole life I never went on birth control.. and when I finally did my cycles were changing and it was very odd... One day I was spotting a dark brown.. the next few weeks afterward I had my period of 11 days straight... and then I spotted again a light pink.. and then I went over a month without my period... It might always seem scary or unusual but every womans body handles periods differently.
Now, I've never taken implanon or anything other than "the pill".. So I don't know too much about that, I personally don't think there is anything to worry about but then again I'm not a doctor. It's always best to get a second opinion from a professional.. But I'm sure you are fine.. unless you are having unusual pains or stinging.
Have you been taking the pill while having unprotected sex? or are you trying to have a baby?

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by kaykaybritt, Feb 12, 2013
no we are trying to have one and no i am not on anything . i wish i could find something that would help me get pregnant or tell me when i am most fertile i got my period back after having the implanon so i thought i would get pregnant rather quick but i guess not

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