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No headache

Feb 11, 2013 - 2 comments

which is really weird: this is like the first time in a really long time I haven't even got the smudge of a headache (of course I'm also taking all the meds, but that hasn't really stopped it before)

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by msteechur, Jun 06, 2013
I notice on your tracker you have weather related headaches. I do as well. I have never had headaches until last January. I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage on Jan 28, 2012 and have had a headache daily since then. Have you found any reasonable treatments? I'm on Amitryptiline right now, but I don't believe it's working. I had Botox 6 weeks ago, and I haven't noticed a difference. I live in Washington State and our weather changes, sometimes multiple times, daily. If the barometer falls or rises the head gets bad. If it settles it's much less, with some periods of no pain.

Seems like no one can tell me why this is happening. Very frustrating. Don't mean to jump on you but you know...when you see someone else dealing with the same thing you are, you just want to reach out.


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by SleepyLil, Jun 09, 2013
No problem - I am currently on a regimen of the amitryptiline, topamax (both in very low doses, as I tend to be sensitive, and I still am getting side effects from the topamax) and a bunch of vitamins that lord only knows if they're helping or not, but they sure are expensive!  In reality my headaches are usually better in the summer (idk why but think it's that once spring allergens have died down a little bit, things ease up a bit), so I can't really say if the improvement has been bc of the meds or bc of the season. I am down to 17 migraine/headache days a month, which seems like a lot, but I started at 27, so it's definitely improvement.  I hope that you can figure out what's causing yours: I still have no idea, or even what makes them better at this point, aside from better sleep (which the amitryptiline and topamax seem to help with).  I know barometer changes to screw with me, big time, but haven't found anything that works to prevent those types of headaches - I just take my triptan (zomig at this point) and hope for the best.  

I wish you all the luck in figuring yours out, and wish I had some better answers for you.  Good luck! Here's to headache free days (fingers crossed)

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