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Fertilaid Cycle #3

Feb 12, 2013 - 1 comments

Well it's cycle #3 with fertilaid ! Haha I'm really hoping I get my BFP this month... It would be the best birthday present ever !!! My bday isn't till 8th march but if I do concieve ill found out around my bday :) anyways I'm on cd 5 nearly done with the witch ! Will be finished on cd7 :) yayyy haha fingers crossed for my sticky bean this month !!!! Ill update when i ovulated :) x

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by Naee08, Mar 05, 2013

Hello again ! Just putting it up here that I have ovulated.. Later then normal I guess.. I ovulated on cd23 this time with pos opk and egg white cm so yh but I also think I'm out this month.. Me and my partner are having some issues at the moment with our relationship so I didn't really try this month.. We had sex the day of my ovulation and the day after.. So only 2 days.. I'm 4dpo today.. Still hoping for a sticky bean tho ! But I'd say it's very unlikely... Anyways ill keep you guys posted ! :) x

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