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Feb 15, 2013 - 0 comments


Well, my son only had 1/2 day school because of therapy appt.  Therapist thinks I need to talk to teacher and set up a praise system for him.  He sated that if his whole day is shot with a red slip and most of the day was good then that may mess with his self esteem.  He also stated that if he is not reinforced when being good he may not do it that often.  So, I will do that as soon as possible.  
Had to pick up bday cake for party tomm.  The people were on break and I waited 25 min. for them.  I spent additional money too, which is bad.  Had to wrap presents tonight as well.
There is a huge sale at a consignment shop tomm.  Anything you can fit in the bag they give you is $10.  Going to do that after party.  Also washing clothes as I write because also going to another consignment shop to sell sons outworn clothes.  So, hopefully I break even or get some back.
Water heater is leaking and got over everything in my back room, which is also kinda my basement as I do not have one.  Now, I have to clean it all up, and the reast of the living room, bathroom, and kitchen because my uncle will be coming to look at it.  That is horrible, I have no time and such a huge mess.  I do not know how everything will get done before I have to leave for the party.  I have to leave at 1:20 pm.  
So, a lot of anxiety and overwhelmed.

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