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tense muscles from adderall?

Mar 06, 2009 - 2 comments

im all knotted up in the shoulder and neck are, anyone feel that way on adderall?????

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by Jillian1015, Apr 28, 2009
Same is going on with me. I find it really hard to get comfortable when lying in bed at night. It doesn't happen to me everytime that I take the Adderall, but when it does my neck and shoulder muscles feel extremely tense. My guess is that it's from the intenseness that the drug causes at times, such as clenching jaw muscles and deep concentration.....

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by Erica_1980, May 01, 2009
Be carefull on Adderall. I have been on this (or was) for 16 years. I am a addict been off of it for 13 days now. This is part of it. My guess is the dosseage is a little to much. Do you feel yourself more frustrated from this to the point you feel moody with it? Just be carefull. Take it from me, this medicane will bring your body down when you feel like you could never be more healthier. I feel old and worn out now. I am only 28 years old. I plan on posting more in my journal about my addiction. I would like the world to know how this drug was and to some point is my life. Even if mentaly now.


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