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twins are doing great!

Mar 06, 2009 - 3 comments

The twins are doing very well.  We went to our latest ultra sound on Wednesday.  They are now 18 weeks 6 days!
   The babies were on top on each other and on top of my bladder.  Oh what fun!  We were able to check out their major organs and make sure they had the correct bones in their arms and legs.  Everything went smoothly.  
   I am still amazed how much they change in such a short time.  They are looking more and more like humans and less like aliens. : )
   I am beginning to feel the effects of being uncomfortable.  Really uncomfortable!  I have a hard time sleeping, and lately my lower pelvic has been very achy.  Probably it is continuing to stretch!  I will be 19 weeks tomorrow, and that will be our half way point.  I am hoping that we make it to our projected 38 week mark which will be July 19!  I think that will be a lucky #.
   Well love and kisses to everyone.

Alli, Bryan, A & B twins!

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by auntbobbie, Mar 13, 2009
WOW, that is great to hear, can you believe it 19 weeks already, sorry you are uncomfortable, but worth all of it Right!!!  Isn't July 19th a special day for you guys or am I a few days off of your anniversary? Is working still okay for you?

All of you take care Love  Bobbie

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by Alli21, Mar 13, 2009
thanks for the note.  Your off my 10 days, Our anniversary is the 29th.  Work is going okay.  I try and sick as much as possible, and I think the students are more sympathetic lately.  

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by kikicoates78, Mar 14, 2009
Glad to see all is moving smoothly! It's crazy how such tiny little things can cause such BIG aches ans pains! Stay well dear. ((HUGS))

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