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Aft care

Feb 17, 2013 - 0 comments


So my attitude twards after care has turned 180. I thought as long as I don't do methadone again ill be fine and I always thought that NA was the only option. I found a cbt trained therapist that treats addiction and hope to make a connection and start seeing her next week. I have to explore why I deal with addiction periodically throught my life and stop this cycle. I am clean now but if history repeats I should be looking for excessive drinking to develope over next year then another drug addiction in 4-5 yrs. I'm done with sabatoging my own life and ready to repair. I feel this realization has been the biggest gain mentaly in a long time. Its been almost 20 yrs since I've really concentrated on psychological health and I'm a little excited to get back into it.

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