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Easy way to share your information

Mar 19, 2008 - 2 comments


Hey ladies.........  :-)

Just thought I'd give you all a tip to make things faster and easier with sharing your information.  I type out different things I want and need to share with others in my documents.  Then...when the need comes that someone wants the information I have about something instead of RETYPING, AND RETYPING, AND RETYPING it all again, and again.........I just go to my documents and I copy and paste it in my comments/posts or wherever.  If I join a new website I have all the information ready and waiting to go with just a click of copy and pasting.  :-)

I know.......such simple information tips, but sometimes we just don't think of the simple ways of things and need someone like me.........  to give a helpful tip.  :-)

Hope this helps you all to make things faster and easier.  You could have a "my story" document, a "my updates" document, "things I've learned" document, a "my families reaction" document, "the hardest part" document, "my best experiences" document.  etc...  

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by PPhelps, Mar 19, 2008
Thats what I did with Mary53's info regarding adhesions. I copied it from one of her posts and pasted it into my documents on word. So all I have to do is go copy it from there, and paste it here. It makes it alot easier.  And I always know where to go to find it. It has been useful info for alot of people. (Thank you Mary). Paula

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by lady452008, Mar 19, 2008
That's Great Paula, I'm glad to hear you know about the short cuts to helping others.  IT'S GREAT.  :-)

Have a Blessed Day and Thank you for your comment.  :-)

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