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Kinda normal

Feb 19, 2013 - 4 comments

Since I have gone off the incviek there was a ruff patch of some crazy needle pricking nerve itching that was ungodly. I was screaming and crying and hitting things. I took ice cold baths, used every cream, lotion known to man, benedryl, atarax, and nothing cured this itch. I have no clue where it came from or the reason it happened. It lasted for about a wk and since then it has gone away. Thank god for that! I haven't got all of my energy back but it has come back a lil. My body hurts since I have gone back to work. I can only work for 3 hours and I want to lay down. I work in a restaurant and its always busy. Theres never a break and I am constantly walking. I'm a host but think of me as a server running back n forth. My job has been somewhat understanding about what I am going threw. At the same time not so much. People don't understand that I am still taking these meds and I have been out for 12 wks and I haven't really felt like doing much of anything except sitting, sleeping. I only have 2 months  and 2 wks left. on all the meds. Here I come May 2, 2013

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3159077 tn?1356031131
by Reidmusic, Feb 19, 2013
Yeah, that itch is enough to send anyone to the rubber room. Anybody who works while going through treatment is my hero. Now that my hemoglobin has come back up to 11 maybe I'm feeling better but still not well enough to work. I hope time goes by quickly for you.

4333925 tn?1359102442
by Star971, Feb 20, 2013
Rubber room yep that about sums it up. It would be somewhat tolerable if I had an office job and were sitting but this is not the case. Not to mention I HAVE to work 25 hours a wk or I will lose my insurance and that is no good. So I have no choice but to work. Good thing is my MG created a phone job for the super 2 1/2 hour wait for Friday and sat. So that's an easy 12 hours.

4358482 tn?1354725991
by lisa108, Feb 20, 2013
It must be difficult to work in the restaurant. I know what people are like, they don't realize that you we are so ill from these meds !!! We will only feel normal some weeks after we finish taking ALL the meds. Take all the rest you can and lie down when you get home to recuperate a bit of energy.
I got the 3 month results, I become UND. I am so happy !!! I become UND only at week 12. I thought I would'nt make it but for the moment it's also working for me. I have to do 48 weeks, I have another 35 to go.
I am sending you all the positive energy to help you get through this difficult moment. Here it goes.............:)

4333925 tn?1359102442
by Star971, Feb 20, 2013
Thanks Lisa I got the energy :0). I do lay down as soon as I get home and take an hour nap and get back up.

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