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The Spring Pond...

Mar 07, 2009 - 3 comments

After freezing temperatures and no food for almost 3 months, all the tenants of the lower pond are enjoying the warmer weather.  As I went to sit down at the pond yesterday, I could not believe that some of the fish had actually grown.  They look fantastic after such a cold winter.

The outside temperature was 72 yesterday, so I fed the fish some easy to digest food to get them started for the Spring.  (Can't feed fish at temps below 39 degrees.  Their digestion shuts down for the winter.  It will actually kill them if they are fed and the food will rot in their bellies.)

The fish didn't seem overly excited about the food, since they are just coming out of their "hibernation" state.  Even the plants around the pond are starting to come back to life with little green shoots.  It won't be long before I can plant flowers all around the edges of the ponds again, but haven't decided on the color scheme for this year.  First the pond will have to be cleaned, from the leaves that managed to escape our leaf protection system.

The cleaning will involve scooping the leaves out of the pond and basically making a big mess.  Then all will settle down with the filters in place and it will be crystal clean.  Having four outdoor ponds does make for some work, but I am here to tell you that every hour spent taking care of the pond, provides me with countless hours of tranquility and calm.  There isn't any pill on the market that could provide me with such relaxation when I sit down there to watch the fish and admire all the beautiful flowers that surround the pond.

The sound of the waterfalls, below our bedroom window, puts you in la-la land quickly at night.  It really DOES make all the work on the pond, worth it.  It's my own little part of Heaven.  It will get very loud at the pond in the next few weeks.  That's when all the frogs move in, to mate and lay all their eggs.  Thousands of little tadpoles...most of them falling prey to birds.  I would imagine that the fish take a few also, if they are very small.  Such is Mother Nature at work.

Pictures soon to come......

P.S. Rena- personal message for you.  Two of the Koi are now about 20 inches long and weigh a few pounds.  Since you are a fisherwoman, I placed a sign down there, that says "No Fishing Allowed."  LOL  Of course you are still welcome to come to my house anytime, to sit and relax with me at my, "Little Garden of Eden."

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by Rena705, Mar 07, 2009

Sounds like spring is in the future not too far away...I recall last year you were starting to feed the fish again and I think from now on I will use you and your pond and my "Spring Gauge"!!

Thanks for sharing this with everyone honey and I would love to come and sit and relax with you at your pond!

Lots of Fishy Hugs,

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by Heather3418, Mar 14, 2009

I try to look for "color schemes" every year, when I consider planting annuals around the pond.  Last year it was red and white....this year it will range from blues to purples....can you think of any annuals or even perrinials to can go around the edge of the pond?  If you have any ideas, let me know.  Around the bottom edges of pond, I am going to plant ornamantel flowering fruit trees, like pears.  They make the ones now that produce the flower but not the fruit, for those of us not interested in the fruit.  Can you see pairs floating around in the pond now?  Yuck...I don't think so.  Just the flowers.

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by LLWB, May 28, 2009
Heather, Do you have any place for the purple wave petunias? I put one on a chair on my deck last year, and it got about 5ft across, and reached the deck. It was spectacular. I love the blues and purples. Don't suppose Russian Sage would grow there. It has purple blooms too. I envy you your ponds. Don't overdo it.

Hugs & Prayers

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