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See you all on the other side of surgery day.

Feb 22, 2013 - 3 comments

I had hoped to stop by and visit before my knee surgery but I was too slow earlier and I'm too tired now.  Please send all the healing thoughts you can spare in my direction.  I'll be back soon - at least that's the plan.

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by sllowe, Feb 22, 2013
Wishing you well today Mary. I pray it goes well and you are back on your feet before long.


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by twopack, Mar 02, 2013
I haven't talked to the surgeon yet (as far as I remember) but according to my designated listener I managed to tear both the medial and lateral menisci in my left knee.  The surgeon trimmed away the torn parts and cleared the arthritic roughness from surfaces where he could.  Some of the joint has apparently progressed to a bone on bone state already so it remains to be seen how well this works or how long I can go before the whole joint must be replaced.  I almost wish I had gone to that extreme from the get-go.  Oh well, maybe this will buy me some vacation building time at work.

I'm working to balance pain control vs. activities vs. side effects.  The entire leg feels much tighter than I think it should - maybe like spasticity is kicking it up a few notches.  I'm working on frequent stretching in all directions while I contemplate if it would be better to take the narcotic or increase the baclofen.  Also can't decide if I should stick to ice or move on to heat applications.  By the time I figure this out I'll be back to work already and have no time for 'fun'.  

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by SarahL2491, Mar 02, 2013
Glad you came thru it ok and are working on getting back to mobility.  Thanks for keeping us posted!  I've had the menisci repair before, ah yes, and remember the "post" days!


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