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Symptoms to date (bring to neuro visit)

Feb 22, 2013 - 1 comments

Nov. 2012
cog fog: word finding difficulty, hard to type, saying wrong words
Right side face numb/ tingly (1 hr)

Dec. 2012
severe fatigue,
painful muscles spasms in legs, back and neck (Copaxone)
bladder urgency

January 2013
severe fatigue,
3 days right eye pain when moving eye.
2 hours of right side of nose forehead and cheek very painful.
2 days of numbness started in foot- traveled up left leg... (felt like wearing a tight stocking up to groin)
bladder urgency
cog fog continues
Painful muscle spasms

Feb. 2013
double vision....worse in morning, tired....difficult driving.)
3   days of "shakiness/weakness" in arms, tremors in hands,  
1   day of bladder leakage
2+  days unsteadiness (weeble) balance, buzzing in fingers and toes, hearing difficulties,
6  days ...left leg "feels weird" Limp if I walk any distance...
3 days left arm weak and shaky... arm trembling and hand shaking
color vision dim in right eye....Out in sun....
Painful muscle spasms
More severe cog issues: (forget what I am doing, can't understand someone if noise in backround. Can't multi-task anymore. Can't listen to music and drive. Can't do more than one thing at a time)
Trouble sleeping
bladder urgency continues...

March 2013
sunburn sensation..... upper body. Lasted 2+ hours
Right eye, eyebrow, nose, jaw to temple pain. very painful and face felt sunburned. (all on right side)Lasted 3+hours.
2 days Off balance and left arm weak, shaky and heavy
difficulty starting and emptying bladder
transient left foot/ankle pain/weakness....on and off when walking
1 day tingling...Right side of face/head
burning right side of face...lasted a few minutes.
Painful muscle spasms
Trouble sleeping
Getting up at night to pee, cant go back to sleep

**3 weeks"Hot flashes" getting more dizziness/weakness/severe cogfog
**Extreme intolerance to sun (9 days)
**left arm upper pain/burning weakness in arm
transient pain and or burning sensations on Rface Rleg
Spasms in feet,
Spasms Rrib cage painful

March 26...started baclofen

3 days left foot buzzing spreading to calf

Life changing symptoms:

Fatigue: Tire quickly, takes a day to recover, have to nap...can only accomplish a 1/4 of what I used to do if that.

Cognitive issues: lost ability to multi-task, can't do more than one thing at a time, forgetful, spelling and word finding difficulty. Using wrong words.

Mobility: constant issues with balance, shaky, weakness, clumbsy, 'tripping over feet' have to walk slow...

Pain: constant muscle spasm in upper back and neck, hard to sleep. Leg and feet muscle spasms that wake me   up... shooting pains in my knee, legs, feet....which make walking even more difficult.

Sleep: Is getting more and more difficult. between the pain, tingling, itching, hot flashes, and getting up to pee and not being able to go back to sleep..

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572651 tn?1333939396
by Lulu54, Feb 22, 2013
good for you to keep a list of symptoms - it can be too complex and drawn out to remember all the little pieces that form the big picture.

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