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Feb 24, 2013 - 2 comments

ahhh ummmmm

yes.  can you effect change, it does it just happen without you trying?

it took me three years to get this job.

i keep telling u about this space.  it's a great space.  yeah, this room is so huge, and it has so much light.  the architect guy was a friend of the ac's.  he made these little narrow windows above the bed, and theres the door in back with its window, and the big window on the side.  during the day it is  like a garden room in here.  its good for me with my low level bipo depression trying to crowd in like 'meegy let me in'

its very bright

i gotta wear shades

and.  then about ten feet maybe a lil more is my studio in back which now is very messy and dirty and always full of ginormous bugs but it is still grate

so what i move?  i move into a house full of strangers with less space and its very spensive

to get what emotional freedom/
im confuse

i was out on the front lawn ... its not a lawn its dirt.  smoking and drinking tea.  yeah ive ben smoking a lot lately figure i oughta drive the ol bp up a lil heh.  and uh . reds, too that was all they had!  god


i saw this shard of our old kitchen countertop.  its blue.  like my sweater but brighter.  it was dug into the dirt.  a triangle.  the neighbor was washing her car.  again.  thats all she has to do.

im so hungry.  the roomates had turned off my hb egg no i did not say it was done and i was too shy to ask them if i could go in there and get it and im so hungry

i know.  im stupid.  i cant handle normal social interactions.

idk its awkward with them!

my back hurts from that dang mattress we aint getting the furniture for another two weeks and.  i cant take nothin no nsaids and the ac back went out i know there vicodin and clonopin in his backpack  .  i know i will stay out of the backpack i have 156 days and i aint gonna fuh it up every time theres a opportunity but it just seems so tempting with things all out of wack like they are and.

ok im just.  i slept like spit last nite and yk what.

im just unna sit my a$$ here on the floor and do my lesson plans.  thats it ... thats it Meegy.  no snooping in no bakpaks and no nothing and get something to eat before i kill somone and

i just wanted to make sure you know medhelp i did not call my doctor a moron i just thought it.  and i told him yes not no that i had a problem (f*ckin problem) with drugs.  not that it mattered.

i still cant remmember the name of that store.  its famous.  its two names i think. its upper crust preppy its been around forever.  like.

there is a new 2chainz song out with someone else i forget who and its really good

and sum other rapper guys sound so cool new songs idk who they are

and cik i cant maybe change perhaps there aint nothin to do  im trying hun

i ben over it a mllin x in my head

god im ravenous

just gotta be assertive.  like can i please have my egg?
that sounds weird.

doesnt it.


starting lesson plans.


stay out of that backpack, Meegy.  ok.  im trying to make a living amens but i still get to miss ppl dont i.



ok bye



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by Mintyfresh79, Feb 24, 2013
You're doing great Meegy :)

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by meegWpaw, Feb 24, 2013
awwww ty Minty!  :)

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