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Feb 24, 2013 - 4 comments

I know I have been on birth control for the last month and yes I have had my cycle but can I still ovulate? I have pain on my left side and a little cramping. When I ovulated to get pregnant, it was my left side hurting. I just had my cycle and it’s my ovulation time so can I still do it even though I was on birth control?

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by MeYeah, Feb 24, 2013
is it possible... yes... Is it likely... no.

BCP usually prevents ovulation. I think its something like typical use 95% and Perfect use 99.9%

However, if you've accidentally missed a pill, took one late, etc. it is possible to ovulate, but still unlikely.

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by KeeLolo, Feb 25, 2013
I have a friend that's on the pill or should I say was.... Anyways she wasn't taking her pill at the same time everyday. If she had to be to work in the a.m. she would take her pill in the a.m. But if she didn't have to be to work until the afternoon say 1 or 2 she wouldn't take her pill until 12 pm... And she is 7 months today.... So I guess anything is possible!!!!

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by ylime1207, Feb 25, 2013
The combination BCP works by preventing ovulation, keeping your lining thin (preventing implantation), and then causing the hormone shift that brings on your period when you switch to the placebo pills.  Often times you'll have to be on the BCP for a few months before it fully prevents ovulation, but the other factors are still in place preventing pregnancy.  So I believe you could have ovulated.  

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by kimmielou137, Feb 25, 2013
Thank you all!! I was wondering because I had clear discharge and was cramping like I was.I also heard that it takes like three months to get the full affect of the bc.I guess I will have to wait and see.

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